Published January 17, 2024

What Should Unique Travel Websites Not Have? Red Flag for Travel Websites

What Should Unique Travel Websites Not Have? Red Flag for Travel Websites

Uniqueness is the key to enhancing user experience. The number of travel websites is increasing rapidly, but unique travel websites are the winners for user experience and search engine ranking pages. So, if you want to outstand the competition as a travel agency, we suggest you be as unique as possible.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how anyone can develop the best travel booking websites in 2024. Furthermore, the blog also listed some of the crucial components of unique travel websites. Creating a unique travel website requires much effort because almost all have similar content and tour package listings. 

In this blog, we will inform you about a few things unique travel websites must not have, but before that, let’s check out what makes a travel website unique in 2024.

What Makes Travel Websites Unique?

Suppose you go through many travel websites on the internet. In that case, you will notice that almost all the websites have similar content, the same tour packages, and similar structures and are virtually identical. However, if you thoroughly check those websites, so many factors make almost every website to at least some extent. Here are a few factors that play an essential role in making travel websites unique:

Original and Self-written content

Content is the soul of any website. If anyone wants to design or develop a unique website, you must add as much unique content as possible. This content could be from the landing page to the blog content you add to your website.

Do you know how to create the most unique content for a travel website? You can do that by reviewing the customer reviews and making content out of those. Furthermore, you can also take interviews, podcasts, etc., to gain multiple versions of one particular piece of content, and when you optimize them, the result is unique website content.

Interactive Maps and Visuals

When you provide users with interactive maps and other visual files, they are more likely to be interested in your website. Furthermore, this trend has been rising lately, but only some travel websites still have this feature. Therefore, including these features in your travel website can become one unique selling point. 

Unique Tour Packages 

Unique travel websites consist of special tour packages. By that, we do not mean the destinations not listed on other travel websites. Instead, what we mean is the component of the tour packages. You can add some secondary activities to the basic tour package. For example, if the tour package is for the Ghandruk Poonhill trek, you can add a component like one day cycling around Pokhara. In this way, your tour package can attract more tourists than usual.

Stories via Multimedia

To create a unique user experience, travel websites can add experience stories of previous customers. Lately, people prefer to watch visuals like images and videos rather than read long texts with no multimedia. Furthermore, multimedia stories also help travelers know better about the path, weather, and destination.

Innovative Booking Tools 

The booking process of most of the travel websites is almost similar. Therefore, if you want your travel website to be unique, we recommend you add some innovative booking tools. 

Tools like AI chatbot, autosuggestion, live availability calendar, and package customization options can be highly significant in this case. Uniqueness in the booking system can make it easier and more enjoyable for travelers to book their next package from your travel website.

What Should Unique Travel Websites not Have at all?

In the previous section, we made you aware of what makes a travel website unique. Many blogs and similar content discuss that. However, the goal of this blog is not to tell you about factors that make travel websites unique. 

Instead, the main goal of this blog is to help you understand what unique travel websites should not have because positive things are often discussed, but negative things are more important to be known:

Over-Optimization of the Website

Optimizing does not directly affect the uniqueness of any travel website. However, it can cause the website to rank lower on the Search Engine Result Pages. When your website ranks lower, no one will be able to see the website, even if it has unique content and tour packages. Therefore, the first thing to avoid is over-optimizing the website

Misleading Information

Try to make the website unique by providing relevant information about every tour package. Providing misleading information to make the website memorable will hurt your travel website. Instead of making your website unique, it will lose the trust and loyalty of the audiences and, ultimately, from the search engines. 

An example of misleading information could be if the travel website has a package priced at $1000, and inclusion/exclusion needs are not in the tour description. Visitors might find the package affordable on that particular website and book it. However, after booking, they realize they must pay extra for documents, accommodation, etc. In that case, the users feel scammed and abandon the website forever. 

So, to avoid these circumstances, your website must have authentic and transparent information rather than misleading ones.

Hard-to-track Navigation

Navigation should always be straightforward for the users. Never try to modify the navigation to make your website unique. You should try to make it even more concise because when potential buyers can easily navigate your website, they prefer it over any other website for booking travel and tour packages. 

Content with Poor Readability 

Ensure you include readable content, no matter how unique your website or its content. If your content is well-readable, it will attract more visitors and convince them to convert into customers. Therefore, unique or best travel websites must have readable content. You can enhance the readability of your content with tools like Grammarly or plugins like Yoast SEO.  

Lack of Mobile Responsiveness

Creating a mobile responsive website is one of the best ways to interest visitors or even rank on search engine ranking pages like Google. Google has set a new algorithm where responsive design is vital in achieving a higher ranking on SERPs. So, if you want a unique travel website loved by visitors, ensure your website is highly mobile responsive.

Many Problems One Solution: Tour and Travel WordPress Theme

No unique travel booking website would have any of the abovementioned factors. If you also want to create a fantastic website for your travel agency but need to know how to avoid those problems, a tour and travel WordPress theme would be the best choice.

Developing any website becomes easier with WordPress and WordPress themes if chosen wisely. Moreover, themes like the Emprise tour booking WordPress theme also provide tour operators with unique pre-installed features. 

Also read: How to Choose WordPress Theme that Justifies Your Tour Website?

Emprise is one of the best themes for creating the most unique and featureful travel websites in 2024. The theme comes with multiple exciting features for both tour operators and end-users. Besides, you can also develop the website with just one click.


Every tour operator wants their travel website to be unique and attract as many tourists as possible. However, operators sometimes must practice better while crafting the most memorable travel websites. 

With this blog, we have tried our best to inform tour operators about the wrong practices while crafting unique travel websites. If you read the complete blog thoroughly and follow the things given in the blog, you can design a unique travel website for your travel agency in 2024.

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