Published January 23, 2024

7 Unsaid Rules of Travel Content Marketing You Must Know

7 Unsaid Rules of Travel Content Marketing You Must Know

Are you constantly performing travel content marketing but barely getting any results? 

Content Marketing is vital in increasing leads to your travel business while reducing marketing expenses. If travel websites focus more on content marketing, they can experience growth in customer acquisition rate and overall sales profile.

If you overlook the stats related to content marketing, about 72% of marketers worldwide think that content marketing can increase the overall sales of any company. Also, research and studies show that over 70% of customers like to know the companies through content. 

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What Is Travel Content Marketing?

A travel agency has many content such as blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. When they create such content to sell the travel packages to bring in more visitors to their travel website, that is called travel content marketing. Simply, marketing any travel-related content can be defined as travel content marketing. 

There are different components of content marketing in any industry, including the travel agencies:

Creating the content

The first component of travel content marketing is creating meaningful and relevant content. There are various types of content that you can make to market your tour operating services, such as blog posts, articles, infographics, images, videos, vlogs, podcasts, etc. 

However, you must ensure the content is informative, entertaining, and easy to understand. 


One of the significant factors of content marketing is storytelling. This tool can help travel businesses and tour operators connect with customers and potential travelers. Storytelling in travel businesses requires crafting engaging and persuasive stories about experiences to gain the audience’s interest and persuade them to buy the trip package.

User-Generated Content (USG)

 The content generated or created by the users can persuade new and potential customers. These types of content include reviews, videos, etc. If you have provided any travel packages, you can request travelers to provide you with their experiences and videos of their journey.

Social Media Content

In the current era, social media is one of the best platforms for marketing content. Over 4.95 billion people (61% of the world population) actively use social media. If only 0.5% of people are interested in traveling, you will already have over 24 million potential customers. Therefore, social media content is also one of the most critical aspects of travel content marketing.

Email Marketing

Over 79% of marketers worldwide strongly believe email marketing is among any business’s top 3 marketing strategies. Therefore, it can also be the best for the travel content industry. Tour operators can market their offers to convince people to go to different destinations by selling their best features. 

There are several more components of travel content marketing. However, the five mentioned above are a few of the most important ones to go for. If tour operators ideally create all the mentioned components for travel marketing, they are sure to get rewarded with better results.

Importance of Content Marketing for Travel Business

Content Marketing is an essential factor for the growth of any business. The same goes for travel agencies and tour businesses as well. Content marketing works best for you if you are a tour operator and want to increase the number of travelers booking their next trip from your website. 

Travelers do as much research as possible before choosing any destination. Therefore, travel content marketing is the best way to reach out to travelers looking for travel packages or tour operators. Here are a few more critical of content marketing for travel business:

Inspiring and Aspiring travelers

Travel content is mainly created, produced, filmed, or recorded to inspire travelers, especially new travelers. When people learn about any place’s route, culture, tradition, beauty, and specialty, they visit it at least once. 

Moreover, aspiration is also something that content marketing can provide to any traveler. Imagine someone searching on the internet about a new place they want to visit, and you have come up with content (say, day-to-day blog) about the same place. 

Isn’t the chance of that person watching your vlog and getting inspired to get to that place increased? That is what travel content marketing can do. 

Search Engine Optimization and Online Visibility

If you create written content like blogs, articles, or how-to guides, you must also optimize that for search engines. Written content, like blogs, articles, etc, should use relevant keywords, fulfill the search intent, and be well-structured. Optimizing for search engines can increase your brand’s online visibility and attract more potential clients. 

Brand Awareness To The Fullest

Content marketing is also a crucial element for promoting your brand or business. If you craft highly informational, engaging, and entertaining content, non-travelers might consider visiting that place at least once. This can promote your brand or business well amongst the people and, in return, help you with increased sales.

Customer Loyalty

Coming up with informational and engaging content can also increase customer loyalty. When you constantly produce content that can help travelers understand different aspects of any trekking packages they choose, travelers rely on your content for information. As a result, they rely on your business to book their trip. Ultimately, you get loyal customers or travelers and increase overall sales. 

Did you understand why your travel business should focus on content marketing? Indeed, tour operators would want to take advantage of the opportunity to gain so much with so little expenditure.

What are the Unsaid Rules of Travel Content Marketing?

Is the heading of this section the question you have in your head? Now is the time to reveal those seven unsaid rules of travel content marketing. 

Quality over Quantity

The first rule of travel content marketing is to focus on quality more than quantity. You might have heard your website needs as many blogs, images, and videos as possible. However, that only works sometimes. Most of the time, you must provide your potential clients with qualitative and engaging content that helps them plan for the trip before they go.

Community Engagement Matters

If you are producing any travel-related content, you must ensure community engagement. Promoting user-generated content is one of the best ways to build a community for your brand. Make a strong community of people interested in your service. This can help a lot more in your travel business growth if you do not have investments for advertisements.

Try Connecting Emotionally

Traveling is an emotion. People do not want to travel just like that; they want to visit places they think have an emotional connection with them. For example, one might visit Nepal to experience the feeling of being surrounded by tall mountains, greenery, peace, etc. So, your travel content must connect to these audiences emotionally for successful marketing.

As Different Types of Content as Possible

Travel operators often rely on certain types of content creation only. For example, some might like to read blogs to understand travel and its routes, while others might love watching videos about the destination. 

Therefore, we recommend travel operators prioritize every type of content. Don’t rely on a single or certain kind of content only because a content type that works for one person might not be attractive for another person.

Please Be Honest and Transparent

Being honest is one of the best ways to win people’s hearts. Don’t just bloat your content with positivity. Try to provide travelers with the dangers and difficulties they might face while going on the journey. 

If your travel content shows the challenges and obstacles that might arise during the trip, travelers can prepare accordingly. However, if you only show the positive side and people face difficulties during the journey, they might never trust your business again.

Go for Localized and Personalized Content

Try creating different content for different destinations and areas. Whichever destination you plan to promote, talk about the major attractions of that particular destination. 

For example, while creating content about Nepal, remember to discuss Nepal’s religion, culture, specialties, etc. Also, rather than just generating average informative content, we suggest you go for personalized content that connects with the audience.

Remember the trends

Going with the flow is one of the best ways to market travel content. So, travel operators must remember the existing trends and create content accordingly. You can refer to Google Trends and other tools, including the Google search bar, to check current trends. You can check on all these platforms and market content for those activities people search for.


Travel Content Marketing is one of the significant factors affecting travel businesses and their growth. Tour agencies can acquire many customers with perfectly created content and extensively hike their overall sales and revenue.

However, the rules in this article must be remembered if you want a positive impact on your travel operating business with travel content marketing.

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