Online Tour Booking System for WordPress

Take the hassle out of managing tour bookings & website updates

Emprise online tour booking system is a must-have tool for any tour operator to manage their day-to-day bookings easily. Delight your customers with a beautiful booking experience by taking full control over your presentations & processes. 

Core Features

Importance of Blog Pages with descriptive information

Custom Design

Theme Functions


User Modules


Creative Freedom

A tour booking system for tour operators to manage their tourists and book tours online.

Fully responsive modern design

Emprise provides fully responsive WordPress designs that are modern, fluid, and mobile. Create responsive websites that look great on every device with Emprise.

Global elements and styles

Global elements to speed up your design and structure, so you can use them to make a wide variety of amazing site designs fast that get noticed and stand out.

Google Fonts Support

Emprise is a lightweight and easy to use theme that allows you to choose from over 700 Google Web Fonts to use in your posts and pages.

100’s of Custom Tour Icons included

Emprise comes with 100’s of tour related font icons and has a built in support to upload your own icons easily and use them in your website.

Fully functional blog & sidebars

Emprise comes with fully functional blog and sidebars on the left and right. Customize it with different widgets and options available in this theme.

Multiple Page Templates

Keeping in line with our mission to make your life easier, Emprise includes several pre-made page templates so you can get your site up and running quickly.

Tour gallery pages

The masonary tour gallery page layout is included in the theme to showcase your tour images to visitors in a way that’s modern and fast loading.

Mega Menu with Icons

Emprise menu have the capability to include icons in your menus to present the content navigation in a visually pleasing way as well as being informatiove.

Footer Menu for SEO

Footer menus are essential for search engines to crawl most relevant pages of your site. You can create menu items for listing them in footer and include in widget.

Supported on all Modern Web Browsers

Emprise tour booking theme is based on the popular Bootstrap 5, _S and vanilla JavaScript and is compatible with all major web browsers like chrome, firefox, safari etc.

Unlimited Typography & Color Schemes

Our trendy WordPress themes are built for today’s popular content-focused websites, now with unlimited typography & color schemes to fit your brand and marketing initiatives.

SVG/PNG and Font Icon Support

Emprise is a beautifully crafted WordPress theme that provides you the best possible tools to create websites that will stand out from the crowd.

Responsive editing

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, Emprise seamlessly supports elementor responsive editing so you can design and preview in realtime.

Unique Tour Detail page

Emprise comes with unique tour detail page that is optimized for conversion and includes fully detailed itineraries, reviews and availability checking.

Multiple Tour Listing options

Multiple tour listing variations are included in the theme so that you can present your tours elegantly in most user friendly manner.

Multi drop menu & Mega menu

You can easily create multi level dropdown menus and mega menus including half width and full width dropdown blocks to suit your content and design.

Multi Column Navigation

You can create multi column mega dropdown menus simply by adding and indenting the blocks and chosing Mega menu option to showcase them.

Modern date pickers

Get your guests excited about searching and finding tours by selecting the date ranges in modern way, the theme includes multi month range selectors.

Search & bookings

Tour operators can benefit from an easy-to-use online tour booking system to manage tour bookings.

Frontend tour submission

Quickly create and publish your tour on the frontend, no need to even login BE. You can keep/hide the “Add listings” from public view.

Featured tours slider

Show your hand-selected best tours and activities in the most elegant way in dynamic slider. You can select specific tours to show.

Popular destinations block

You can simply drag and drop the destination block and chose destinations to show along with number of tours available in those destinations.

Recently Added Tours

Showcase your latest additions of tour and activity packages by listing them under custom block like Recently added and get more views by listing them on home page.

Dynamic filters for listings

Dynamic filters allows you to group the tour themes and tags in custom way and label them as you see fit so that users can browse by those filters in single click.

Manage Customer Reviews

The guests have ability to post their reviews and tour rating and the site admin can approve or discard these reviews and ratings.

WooCommerce Checkout

User are ablt to check availability on tour detail page itself, and once satisfied, they can check out in one page filling their personal and payment details.

Set price by date ranges

You may wish to offer seasonal discounts or charge more during peak seasons, you can do it all by specifying the prices based on your specific date ranges.

Fast Efficient Tour Booking

Give your users ability to view/sort and then check availability as well as book in a guided manner so they don’t get distracted or lost.

Smart tour search options

Find itinerary suggestions and prices for tours, attractions, and things to do in each destination. Search by destination, activity or date ranges.

Activity categories slider

Show the best activites and attractions on home page or add it as an elementor block anywhere you want, and let users browse based on activity types.

Popular Tours by Sales

The theme allows you to create a block where you can simply showcase your tours by their sales volume and you can show them as trensding tours.

Recently Viewed Tours

User will be able to view the tour or activities they have recently looked at under the tour detail page if they scroll down and are ready to make decision.

Sidebar filters sorting

From date and price range to popular tags, ratings age groups or activity level, users can filter tours to match their very specific requirements.

Payment configurations

With WooCommerce integrated in the theme, you are able to chose any payment type from Stripe, Credit/Debit Cards and other major payment options.

Set price by age groups

While creating tour packages, you can set the age ranges that the activity is suitable for, and prices based on those age groups, e.g. Adult/Child/SC price etc.

Set tour availability by dates

You can set the tour or activity to be available 365 days, only on weekdays or even very specific dates only. All of these are managed per tour basis.

Ajax check availability

On tour detail page, one can select date, travelers and addons for their activity and check availability, all from single block which also updates prices.

Online Your Booking System

Emprise is the online tour booking system you’ve been waiting for: it’s user-friendly, has extensive controls and is SEO optimized.

Full booking & checkout integration

From checking availability to providing guest information and making payments to order confirmation, all handled onsite seamlessly, and automated.

Order details and status

View the orders, order dates, customer information and payment method used to place the order. Also, view and update the order/payment status in admin.

Sales orders & stocks report

View the sales by products or categories as well as see your stock statuses and list view of the out of stock inventories are all at your finger tips.

Email notification configs

You can create easily customized emails for every phase of your sales cycle from new order, cancelled or refunded order and user accounts emails like passwords etc. 

Coupon Codes

Create coupons for your marketing which has coupon value, discount types as well as coupon expiry dates giving you the perfect hook for marketing and sales growth.

Tax and invoices

Set up tax rates manually or use WooCommerce and Jetpack to automate your sales tax calculations for you, all from within the admin dashboard.

Sales stats overview

View the sales stats of the week, month or year along with gross or net sales, number of orders and refunds etc. all in simple interactive dashboard in the backend.

Customer details and orders

View customer or guest sales as well as sales by new users, guest users etc from within the admin dashboard. You can sort views by week, month or custom date ranges.

Sale price with sale badge

You can put any tour on sale by simply adding a discount to that tour and it will automatically show a sale badge on the given tour and activities.

Paypal, Cards, Stripe, WC Payments & more

Along with WooCommerce payment options Emprise tour booking theme support all major paymentslike stripe, apple/google pay, credit/debit cards and Intl’ payments.

Organized Destinations

Emprise online tour booking system comes with destination organizer to help you create & manage destinations.

List by Continent / Country

You can create your destinations based on continent, countries or states, depending on how global you want your sites reach and locations your operate in.

Full Control of your Destinations

Emprise has custom destination module integrated with WooCommerce to allow you to set your destinations easily and manage them all in one place.

Destination’s Map & Landmark

While adding tours via frontned, you will find the destination map selector which allows you to set exact location and landmark for meeting point.

List by Country / Area

If you are operating within smaller area, you can also just set up destinations to group your tours by country and local areas or even a specific city only.

Popular Locations

You can use our custom elementor block to simply drag and drop your popular destinations and show the number of tours and activities in each of those destinations.

Google Map Drawings Integrated

While dieplaying tours, in itineraries section, you can add your very on Google Map Drawings to show the route of the tour or activity at each itinerary point.

Tour Listings

Our online tour booking system will help you to manage the tours and activity listings on your website easily.

Listings display variations

You have controls over the listing display such as how many tour and activities you want to display per page with ajax instant loader and product card styles.

Filter by Region / Destination

On the tour listings page, users can change the region or destination of their preferred activity and the tours will be populated on same page with filters applied.

Sort by Alphabet, popularity, price, recent..

On Emprise online tour booking system, users are able to simply click on the dropdown to sort their search listings in their preferred orders..

Listings with Filters & Sort by

A user can sort and filter the listings by multiple criterias from dates, tags, prices, age groups, hardship levels to your very own custom dynamic filters.

Filter by Holiday, Activity Level, Price Range..

Our online tour booking system empowers your site visitors with ability to filter the search results to match their very specific criterias.

Ajax Filter for Tours

Allow your users to easily search, filter and sort their tour listings without the need to go to another page with our built in AJAX filter and sort features.

Tour Search Forms

Emprise tour booking system helps you use and customize the built in drag and drop search form to fit your needs.

Search Banner as Elementor Block

Online tour booking system built for WordPress that allows you to drag and drop the search banner anywhere you want on any page.

Modern Dropdowns & Date Picker

Each and every dropdowns and date pickers are built with end users in mind where they can experience user friendly way to select and set dates and activities.

Include/Exclude Search Criterias

You can even show or hide any of the search criteria, for example, if you just want your guests to search by destination and date range, you certainly can.

Default & Rounded Search Forms

Weather you want to customize the look and feel of the search block or simply just use rounded or default search form, you can do so in Elementor.

Search by Destination, Activity, Date Range

You can create your customized search block to be displayed on any page where one can chose destination, activity and/or date ranges to filter tours by.

Custom Search Labels

As with all static content, you can simply rename your search form labels to any custom title you find most suitable for your specific search blocks.

End User Options

Provide your end users with everything they need from an online tour bookign system to search and manage their holidays.

User Registration

The custom user registration form allows users to register and confirm so that they can avail extra features, faster checkouts and saved trips etc..

Orders History

As with any regular customer, your users would expect a dashboard where they can view their order history and payments etc. With Emprise, they get perfect view of this.

Account Details and Options

Users have access to their personal information and account details and options where they can set their preferred options.

Rate/Review tours with stars & images

Our custom tour review form enables users to craft a perfect review along with star rating and their trip photos which imporoves everyones experience.

Apply Coupons

Once you have created and distributed coupons, users can simply apply the counpon to their checkout by copy/pasting the coupon code which will update their discounts.

Include / Exclude Addons

On our tour detail pages, their is an elegant interactive booking form where users can select the addons you have set as available for that tour and chose quaantities.

User Dashboard

Every user has their own dashboard to manage their profile and other information associated with the site. With this user can edit their information as required as well.

Manage Addresses

Weather a user needs to change or add their address details for invoicing etc. they can do so via this dashboard by simply editing address fields.

Sitewide Account Access

Registered users have sitewide access so that if they wanted to engage in your blog posts or write a review for a tour etc. they can do it all from one account access.

Blog comments

Registered users can engange in blog and comments and are able to post their comments and feebacks via the blog posts and multi-threaded comments.

Various Payment Options

A user can manage their payment methods in their dashboard and add/edit/update their payment details from within the dashboard.

Select Adult/Child/Seniors etc.

While checking availability, user can also set the number of Adult/Child or any other age group you have created and priced for.

Speed/SEO Optimization

Emprise empowers tour operators with many inbuilt SEO features plus easy integration with plugins like Yoast SEO.

SEO Optimized Title

All tours title are display in H2 tags on listings page and H1 tags in tour detail pages giving you the highest possible for ranking on Google for each of your tour titles.

SEO Optimized Listing Pages

The tour listing pages are built with SEO in mind so that the tour and activity packages along with their destinations rank highly on Google Search results.

SEO Optimized Tour Detail Pages

The tour detail pages offers ability to create highly converting tour and activity packages, along with everything from overview to detailed itinerary and customer reviews.

Optimized for Modern Devices

As more and more users search for tours on mobile devices, its essential for any tour operator to ensure that theirtour booking functions excel on these devices.

SEO Centric Titles and Subtitles

You can create long titles and along with tour categories and locations prepopulated as its sub-titles under the title, your SEO ranking will see huge boost.

SEO Optimzed Category Pages

By creating URL structures like tour > nature and wild life > safaris for your category pages as well as listing all category specific tours title in H2, these page will rank highly.

Fully W3C Validated Pages

We have tested and continually updated our theme to meet the higgested standards set by W3C and meet their recommendations to create valid pages.

Yoast SEO Support

From day 1, we have tested the theme to work in accordance with Yoast SEO which you can install and integrate with the theme for perfect SEO scores.

Great online tour booking systems start with great booking themes.

That’s why we obsessively refine our designs and code until they’re perfect, even when it drives us crazy.

Six months premium support included.

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