Tour Booking WordPress Theme

Travel booking WordPress theme for tour and travel agency websites.

Emprise tour booking WordPress theme comes with a complete booking system, payment processors, itinerary management, pre-built websites and delivers a great tour booking experience for your customers.

Drive more bookings

Emprise is a tour, activities and travel booking WordPress theme that helps tour operators drive more bookings by helping them create best online experiences.

Automate tedius tasks

Empowering tour and activity operators with a single platform to automate booking management, inventory, email notifications and many other tedious day-to-day tasks.

Ace guest experiences

Highly customizable theme features allows your team to  create a website and booking experiences that works best for your guests, and your business.

Accept online payments

Secure and seamless transaction management, real time updating of inventory, automated reports as well as super efficient payment processing.

Start with demos

Import everything in our demo sites with one click and start customizing your own tour booking website.

Customer reviews

We have been developing tour booking WordPress themes since 2015, and here are some reviews from our theme users.

Tour booking WordPress theme

You’ll be able to craft a clean and modern website that will perfectly match your online booking brand.

Simplify your tour booking website design & management.

Meet the most advanced and easy to use theme for tour booking website yet. Emprise is the best WordPress theme for tourism industry. It helps tour and activities operators create beautiful website that matches their brand and services. It is very easy to customize this theme to meet your needs, it has lots of great features packed in one elegant package making it so popular among users.

  • WordPress theme for tourism industry
  • Customizable to match brand and services
  • Easy to use with many  builtin features
  • Attractive and professional website design
  • Becoming widely popular among users

Provide the most flexible tour booking platform to drives sales

The Emprise tour booking WordPress theme is built to handle the evolving needs of the travel industry. Our theme is designed to help agencies create customized booking experiences, provide reliable payment processing and make your customers’ trip planning an enjoyable experience.

Tour booking should be simple, but it never is. That’s why the Emprise platform takes care of all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on business and growth.

  • Easy and seamless booking process
  • Flexible and multiple payment options
  • Detailed tour and activity information and descriptions
  • Show customer reviews and ratings with images
  • Display high-quality images and videos

Start your site in flat 5 minutes with our 1 Click demo import.

Emprise offers a range of features that help tour and activity operators create a stunning website that truly reflects their brand and services. With its easy customization options, you can easily tailor the theme to meet your specific needs. Plus, the elegant package includes One Click Demo Import feature to let you replicate exact same site as in our demos, as a starting point.

  • Quick and easy setup of theme
  • Pre-designed and customizable content
  • No need to manually import content
  • Consistent design and layout
  • Time and effort saved on creating content from scratch

The Ultimate Page Builder Plugin for WordPress: Integrated!

Elementor is a WordPress page builder for people who want to create beautiful and professional-looking web pages in no time at all. It’s designed to be as flexible, powerful, fast and fully-featured as possible, without sacrificing the intuitive user experience.

Emprise theme not only supports and is integrated with Elementor, it even adds 20+ custom Elementor blocks, so you’ll truly enjoy the customization experience on your website.

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Responsive design options
  • Pre-designed templates and widgets
  • Custom CSS and styling options
  • Global styles and elements

Offer localization with built in support for Multilingual & WPML

If you’re looking to set up a site in multiple languages, WPML is the plugin for you. It lets you translate your content into any language—and it also makes it easy to switch between languages on your site!

Emprise has been built from day one to support multilingual site creation and therefore, has a seamless integration with WPML plugin, among others, that allows you to translate your website into multiple languages.

Additionally, Emprise comes with POT files that you can use to easily create different versions of your site with tools like POEdit.

  • Increase revenue through multilingual site
  • Improve SEO via localization
  • Appear on more Google search results
  • Save time and money on multilingual site
  • Provide better experience and value to guests
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Increased Productivity
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More Booking Conversions
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Faster Itinerary Creation
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Better User Experience

Admin controls

An admin can setup and customize the tour related features in backend as easily as clicking, editing and saving.

Create Product Types

Create your own product types and assign categories to each of them.

Set Physical Levels

Set the hardship level of each activity. Chose your own label names.

Add Tour Durations

Add tour durations, like Day Tour, Short Break, Vacation and set days.

Set Global Addons

Add and manage your global addons from one place and assign to tours.

Set Inclusive/Exclusive

Add all your inclusive & exclusive items in one place and assign to tours.

Assign Dynamic Filters

Create and manage your custom dynamic filters and hide/show them.

Set Price Ranges

Set the price range for slider in the listings page to help users filter products.

Set Labels & Static Texts

Manage and customize all static texts and labels for forms etc.

Add Custom Font Icons

Generate your own font icons and upload folder to use them universally.

Import/Export Settings

You can export entire Emprise theme addon settings from here.

Set custom URL's

Add custom template endpoints to use keywords and key phrases in your URL's for better SEO results.

Add Destinations

Frontend submissions assigns destinations automatically, or add them manually in admin.

Set Product Themes

Set product themes to help your users filter and find products by unique themes.

Set Emprise Product Tags

Add/assign custom tags to help users further drill down their specific choices.

Supported plugins

Here are some of the plugins that we have tested with the theme and are fully supported.

Great sites start with great themes.

That’s why we obsessively refine our designs and code until they’re perfect, even when it drives us crazy.
Six months premium support included.