Published December 20, 2023

How to choose WordPress theme that Justifies your Tour Website?

Are you confused about choosing the best WordPress tour and travel theme? Here are a few tips that will help you in choosing the best theme for your travel agency website.
How to choose WordPress theme that Justifies your Tour Website?

WordPress tours and travel themes have become the best option for tour operators to start or skyrocket their business and revenue. Almost every tour-operating business is based online, with the digital revolution. However, knowing how to choose a WordPress theme for tour and travel that matches your brand identity is vital for creating the best website.

Tour packages are one of the most confusing and precise things to choose from. This is because travelers tend to understand everything related to a specific travel package before finalizing where to head. So, how can you skyrocket your tour and travel booking business?

The answer is by selecting the best tour booking WordPress theme. It’s always the first choice that makes the difference in the long term, so ensure that your first choice (travel WordPress theme) is your best choice before taking your business online.

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What is a WordPress tour and travel theme?

In this era of the digital revolution, WordPress is one of the most famous and highly preferred CMS platforms to build websites instantly and effortlessly. Several themes are available in the WordPress theme market to simplify the development process.

These help business owners or website developers import the data and start their online presence through their chosen website design and features. The travel and tour agency website has several themes with travel-specific features. These themes can be highly customized and designed per business requirements and brand guidelines.

The theme market consists of many such travel themes. However, tour operators must understand their brand before selecting any travel tour booking WordPress theme. All these themes maximize the conversion rate and decrease the abandonment rate with the features they offer.

Significances of the tour and travel WordPress theme

Significances of WordPress theme for travel and tour

WordPress tour and travel themes are designed to enhance any travel booking website’s development process and result. If chosen wisely, there are a lot of crucial significances that any travel booking theme can offer to your travel agency website.

Here are a few significances of the best WordPress tour and travel theme:

Trip Description Pages

One of the primary reasons you should choose a travel WordPress theme is that it contains separate pages for trip descriptions. You can create different pages for the trip’s description with this feature.

This feature lets travelers know any trip packages properly and perfectly before deciding and choosing any tour packages.

Email Booking Notification

Most WordPress tour and travel themes come with an email confirmation feature. With this feature inbound, the customer automatically receives an email confirming their booking as soon as they complete the payment. 

In this way, travelers can get complete information about the trip they booked by email, reducing the chances of losing booking papers.

Moreover, the email notification is also beneficial for the tour operators as they will receive an email when any customer makes a booking from their website.

Customer Feedback and Reviews Section

Social Proofing is undoubtedly the best form of free marketing. With that being a note, the tour and travel WordPress theme comes with a perfect customer feedback and reviews section. 

You can always upload the best reviews and ratings your customers have provided so that a visitor will likely convert into your customer. Nevertheless, the WordPress tour and travel themes also have rating options for every tour package on your website.

Dynamic and Smart Search Tabs

Nowadays, people want to spend little time scrolling on any website, so the bounce rates automatically increase if the tours they are looking at are listed on the topmost part of the website.

However, the best WordPress theme for tours and travel has dynamic and smart search tabs. They help visitors search for the packages they want. Even if the customers need clarification about the spelling, the intelligent search features suggest the trips as soon as they type in a few letters.

One Click Demo Import

The one-click demo import feature is one of the best features to find in any WordPress theme. This feature allows you to import every content, components, images, and other miscellaneous items from that theme to your website.

This makes developing any travel agency website within a day. 

The one-click demo import feature leverages the tour operators rather than the customers. 

These are only some of the significances of a WordPress theme for travel and tours, as there are countless possibilities. However, those mentioned above are some of the best and most undeniable advantages of selecting the best WordPress tour and travel theme.

Step-by-Step Guide to choose the best WordPress tour and travel theme

Did you understand some basic but essential significances of the perfect tour and travel WordPress theme? Now, let me take a step-by-step tour of how to choose a WordPress theme for tour and travel for your website:

The first and best suggestion that you are looking for for the best WordPress tour booking theme is to GET EMPRISE tour booking theme.

1. List your Brand requirements 

First, you must understand your brand. Ensure that you list out everything that your brand requires. Also, confirm that you must include it on your travel booking website. Also, note down all your agency’s services and activities when you choose the WordPress theme for travel and tours.

2. Start Researching and Shortlisting the WordPress Themes 

Did you make the list of your brand requirements? After that, you can research different tour and travel themes in the WordPress theme market. Simultaneously, I suggest the tour operators shortlist themes that match their brand and business structure.

3. Go Through The Demo Version 

Please review the demo version after making the list of all the themes that match your brand’s requirements. By checking the demo version, you understand the features, functionalities, customization options, and other factors. These can assist your travel booking website in gaining higher conversion rates.

4. Check The Booking System 

Ensure that your tour and travel WordPress theme has an easy and efficient booking system that allows potential buyers to book packages as simply as possible. Also, ensure that the theme supports multiple schedules, flexible pricing, and reservation options.

5. Optimized for Search Engine 

One of the significant factors that can drive higher traffic, conversion, and, ultimately, revenue to your travel agency website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Choosing the perfect WordPress theme also gives you optimized images and less size for better page load speed. When all these factors are perfectly aligned, your website can rank in the top search lists in the search engine result pages.

6. Go Through Documentation and Tutorials 

Do you know the best way to understand any WordPress tour and travel theme? You can check out its documentation and watch tutorial videos from the theme developers or other users. Choosing the best WordPress themes for tour and travel also allows access to the documentation of everything in the theme.

Are you shifting your travel agency online and need clarification about choosing the best theme? If so, please follow the steps mentioned above. This can lead you to create the best travel booking website and increase your potential customers through online mediums.

Besides, you can check the Emprise tour booking WordPress theme demo and use it for your benefit, as this theme has all the features required by any tour operating business to grow digitally. 


Finished reading the complete blog? Now it’s your time to start on the journey of creating the best travel agency website. With that, you’ll boost your online presence by selecting the perfect tour booking WordPress theme. Also, keep reading our blogs to know more about travel booking themes and several factors affecting your website’s online presence.

It ultimately depends on how perfectly you check all the features when you choose the WordPress theme for designing and developing the best website for your travel agency.

Looking for the best WordPress theme for travel and tour? Try Emprise.

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