Published December 19, 2023

Why Customize Travel Website with a WordPress Theme?

Customize your Travel Agency WordPress theme anyways you want and give visitors many reasons to convert into your potential customers.
Why Customize Travel Website with a WordPress Theme?

Customizing a travel agency WordPress theme is more accessible than creating a website from scratch; however, it is one of the most critical factors that can cause an impact during the customization process. Therefore, you must customize a travel website with a WordPress theme concerning your brand’s nature before developing a website.

In most cases, finding the best travel agency WordPress theme can be complex, as several paid and free travel agency WordPress themes are in the WordPress repository. However, customization makes your work easy as you can select one theme that matches your requirements and customize that WordPress theme to reflect your brand.

Why Customize your travel agency WordPress Theme?

customize travel agency theme

Customization means changing the original structure or appearance as per your preference. The customization feature gives tour operators the power to create a website of their choice and the flexibility to exclude or include certain features and elements. 

For example, if you don’t like the original color of the theme you chose for your website, you can change the global color setting and give your tour booking website a color of your choice. This is just a minor example of what customization can help you do. Moreover, several more flexibility options come with a WordPress theme that can be customized.

Well, let’s check out a few reasons why you need to customize your travel agency WordPress theme:

Brand Reflection

The most significant impact on your travel website if you customize it is that it can reflect your brand. You can add your colors and styles to the travel theme and stand out from the competitors. 

When the WordPress travel agency theme is customizable, tour operators can change the appearance of their website as per their preferences. For example, if the theme is green-colored by default, tour operators can change it to their brand’s color.

Including and Excluding Features

If you check out some of the best WordPress travel agency themes, you will notice that some features can be included and excluded. Many tour operators love this feature as they can consist of any features they think are necessary and exclude those that are not. 

Moreover, the best tour booking WordPress theme has a feature where you can hide the less essential elements and add some extra components that match your travel agency’s nature.

Sidebar addition

One of the significant factors in increasing your travel agency business’s online presence is through blogs and articles. If you customize your travel website’s blog pages to add sidebars, you can place different advertisements there. 

Tour operators can promote their products and blogs through sidebars or advertise other businesses to increase revenue. Blog pages are one of the highly customized pages of any travel tour booking WordPress theme to enhance the tour operating company.

Improved Performance

With the flexibility of customization, WordPress themes also leverage tour operators with the ability to improve their website’s performance. Travel Agency websites can optimize their on-page SEO, page load speed, images, videos, and even the content that they use on the website. With all these optimization options, the best WordPress travel agency theme enhances how the audiences respond to your online presence and, ultimately, levitates revenue. 

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Personalized Content

One of the most beneficial results of customizing your travel website is that all the content can be personalized. For example, if your website provides 30% off on all Nepal tours for December, you can add an announcement bar at the top of your WordPress travel theme.

In the same way, you can either edit that announcement or remove it if not needed. However, this is not limited to the written content. Besides the written content, you can also insert images, videos, and elements as per your desire or the nature of your business.

Specialized Features

Travel agencies often require specialized features like interactive maps, guide profile sections, booking systems, etc., which require frequent customization. 

Features like interactive maps and guide profile sections help travel agency websites gain more trust from travelers and increase their conversion rates. These specialized features can be included or excluded whenever required by the tour operators. 

Enhanced User Experience

No wonder customization of the travel agency WordPress theme can open multiple paths to business success. However, you should also consider several factors while customizing. Here are the best practices you must follow as a travel operator if you want your travel agency WordPress theme to help you obtain the best result.

Tips for Customizing your travel agency WordPress theme

Tips to Customize Travel Agency Theme

No wonder customization of the travel agency WordPress theme can open multiple paths to business success. 

However, you should also consider several factors while customizing. Here are the best practices you must follow as a travel operator if you want your travel agency WordPress theme to help you obtain the best result.

Understand your Brand Values Before You Customize Travel Website

The first and most essential thing you should know while customizing any travel website is to understand your brand. Ensure you know what your travel business wants to showcase, its identity, colors, and values. It should also include all those aspects that reflect your brand and its nature. 

You can easily customize the Travel website with a Theme in WordPress when you understand your brand and its motive correctly.

Choose a responsive theme

Always understand that the best feature of any WordPress theme is responsiveness. Most of the audience comes from mobile devices rather than computers and laptops. Therefore, a travel website must be mobile-optimized to increase the search page ranking and enhance the user experience.

The bounce rates of any website can increase by up to 32% if the page load speed is slow. Therefore, ensure that the Travel Booking WordPress Theme you choose has a responsive theme.

Focus on Page Load Speed Optimization

How long does it take for your website to open when anyone clicks the link? This is one of the most critical questions for anyone developing a website. Additionally, this is also one of the significant factors that affect a business’s online presence and end-user satisfaction. Before deciding on any paid or free travel agency, check the optimization level of images and content.

Include travel-Specific Features

Every travel website or business has some specific features. Without those features, its values might not be as good as they should be. Furthermore, integrating these specific features can also directly or indirectly leverage customer loyalty and ultimately increase the business revenue.

Some essential travel-specific elements are map integration, descriptive itinerary section, tour guide page, and smooth booking process. With all these travel-specific features in the travel booking website, it’s a win-win situation for the travel agency.

Custom Widgets and Plugins

Be 100% sure to use custom widgets and plugins in your website. Some of these plugins might be WooCommerce (for payment), MailChimp (for email marketing), or Emprise Elementor addons (for a perfect design element). These widgets and plugins give your travel website a new appearance and a better experience.

Create Engaging Content

Engaging content is crucial in enhancing the WordPress theme of the travel agency. Ensure that your tour booking website is optimized correctly. Moreover, it should contain exciting content such as “About Us” and “Tour Guide”. Also, ensure that these sections use informative and exciting tones of voice. 

Follow all the tips mentioned above to customize your travel website with a WordPress theme, and you will indeed have one of the best travel booking websites in the market. Moreover, you can also be well-known about the theme by checking the travel agency WordPress theme demo. 

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If you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog, you can get the best travel website if you properly customize the WP theme. Furthermore, you see a drastic increment in the conversion rate within no time. 

However, tour operators must be attentive to details when they customize the travel agency theme and understand the importance of customization. Now that you have understood both of these things. It is time for you to start with the best tour booking WordPress theme.

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