Published December 21, 2023

Best Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies: Highly Beneficial Tips

Here are some of the best marketing strategies that can leverage your travel agency goals and increase the conversion rate for sure!
Best Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies: Highly Beneficial Tips

Are you looking for the best marketing strategies for travel booking agencies? With the increase in travel and tourism trends, travel agencies reaching their potential clients has been highly competitive and expensive.

Research and studies show that the world’s booking Holdings spent around $6 billion just for marketing. The amount certainly is too high, isn’t it? High-end travel agencies like and Kayak have been spending a lot on marketing, but the conditions differ for small-scale and startup travel agencies.

However, a lack of capital shall not be a hurdle for taking your travel agency’s online presence to the next level and gaining better results. There are several marketing strategies that small-scale travel booking websites can use to reach their potential customer with very little expenditure. 

Get yourself a marketing-friendly and SEO-ready tour booking WordPress theme with Emprise. 

When you perfectly plan and implement your marketing techniques on your travel booking website, you can significantly upscale your business’s online presence. Nevertheless, you should be aware of your target audience and the demographics of your service before starting with the marketing strategy.

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Why are marketing strategies important for travel agencies?

Marketing or boosting has become one of the most important things to upscale any business in this digital era. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, people nowadays opt for digital marketing.

It’s like the saying if in Rome, be as Romans.” To connect that here, as travelers look for the best travel booking websites online, travel agencies must also improve and enhance their online presence. 

Well-planned marketing strategies for travel agencies can take you closer to your intended and potential customers and let them know how to solve problems or fulfill their requirements.

Suppose a person is looking to travel to a particular country with a limited budget, and your marketing campaign that matches the traveler’s search intent reaches him. In that case, there is a high chance that the traveler will be converted into your customer. Marketing is all about giving support and gaining the trust of the struggling person.

  • Showcase your travel business’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) that can answer potential customers’ search queries.
  •  Acquire more new customers while maintaining a healthy relationship with the existing customers.
  •  Increase brand awareness and be visible on the Search Engine Result Pages.
  •  Keep your customers updated about new updates or additions to your services or products.
  •   Reach the targeted group of people. For example, people who love trekking or are looking for a vacation.

The advantages of proper marketing strategies are limitless. Even if you are starting with a new travel booking theme website, you can make your services and features visible to people wi

Do WordPress Tour and Travel Themes Affect Marketing?

Tour booking WordPress theme can leverage the results that marketing provides to any travel agency. The best tour and travel booking themes have several features and plugins that can be great companions for marketing. 

Moreover, the user experience that a perfect travel booking theme helps tour operators build also helps the leads generated from marketing campaigns turn into actual conversions. When the visitors see your campaign and redirect to your website, that is where your travel booking theme choice works for you.

If you have a perfectly optimized and user-friendly website, the visitors can convert into your loyal customers. However, if you have promised a lot in your advertisement campaign, but your WordPress travel theme gave you little, your website will experience bounce rates.

Therefore, choosing the best WordPress tour and travel theme is very important.

Here are a few points to tell you how travel and tour WordPress themes can help your marketing strategies gain better results:

Better User Experience 

As mentioned above, the tour booking WordPress theme is designed and developed with enhanced user experience as the focal point.

When you choose the best theme and implement that on your website, it keeps your visitors interested in trying your tour booking agency’s services. Once the people love your website’s appearance and enjoy using it, your marketing campaign has succeeded.

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More than 50.78% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, a responsive and mobile-optimized website is essential to convert your targeted audiences into customers. Almost every travel booking WordPress theme has mobile-responsive designs to help customers access the website from any device.

Customization Accessibility 

The customization option is undoubtedly one of the most loved features by all tour operators. Customizing options in any tour booking WordPress theme allows tour operators to develop a website as per their brand identity. Furthermore, this feature also enables travel agencies to create unique marketing campaigns, redirection pages, etc.

Discount Coupons 

You can create unique coupon codes and use them to attract more customers audiences. Nevertheless, you can start a marketing campaign for specific coupon codes and provide your customers with offers.

Regular Updates and Support 

Any website with regular updates and support for customers has the potential to enhance customer loyalty. Updating regularly and supporting when needed gives a caring gesture to your existing customers. Because of that, your website can also gain new customers through references, ratings, and reviews from existing customers.

What are the best Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies?

Marketing and advertising have the audacity and capacity to take your business to new and potential customers. One beautiful and to-the-point marketing strategy can enhance your business growth in every direction. However, the strategies you build can significantly impact your marketing campaign’s failure or success rate.  

Many travel booking agencies have a separate digital and physical marketing team. Still, the tour operators themselves can do this if they know what the best marketing strategies are. 

This section will walk you through 5 of the most effective marketing strategies. When perfectly planned, these strategies can take a travel agency business to the peak of success. 

Know your brand and its USP

Are you planning any marketing strategies for your travel booking business? Be sure about your brand and its unique selling points before marketing the business. Finalize your brand’s color, theme, services, features, mission, vision, and everything that your brand promises to the potential customer.

You also need to understand the unique selling point of your brand that sets you apart from your competitors. When you advertise any feature or service your competitors lack your website’s chance of generating better leads from the ad campaign increases.

Market the unique content 

Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the most affordable yet effective marketing strategies that can generate high leads and skyrocket the conversion rate of your travel booking website.

Regularly create content (written, visual, videos, blogs) that showcase your brand and how it enhances travelers’ travel experience. This way, you can make your website promise the best to potential customers. Also, it gives them reasons to book their next trip from your travel booking website.

Local SEO: One of the best marketing strategies for Travel Agencies

Local SEO is a free marketing strategy to target local audiences. When you include your travel agency website for Local SEO, Google automatically suggests your website when searching for your locality.

For example, if a traveler wants to visit Nepal and types “travel agencies in Nepal,” Google offers your website if you are based in Nepal. Therefore, setting up Local SEO is the perfect solution if you are looking for affordable and effective marketing strategies.

One of the best ways to optimize local SEO is to create a Google My Business profile for your website.

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is also a perfect marketing strategy for any travel booking website. You can collaborate with one or many travel vloggers and influencers to create digital content about your travel booking business. This content could be like vlogs, videos, podcasts, reels, etc.

This will help you target the audience of those influencers and increase your website traffic.

Social Media Marketing 

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become the best platforms to market or advertise businesses. As per the research conducted by XOLA, over 60% of Generation Xers and 40% of Millennials use social media to find the perfect travel package.

Imagine what traffic your travel business can acquire through social media marketing. The number is very high! 


Marketing strategies can visibly affect the overall business and conversions of any travel tour booking website. Just a 2% conversion rate can rank your website within the top 20 travel agencies present online.

However, that only happens if you plan a perfect marketing strategy by understanding your brand’s promises. Additionally, USPs and targeted audiences shall be noted before blindly spending on advertisements and marketing. 

Perfect tour booking WordPress theme guarantees better results with marketing strategies.

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