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What is a Travel Booking Marketplace Theme?

What is a Travel Booking Marketplace Theme?

travel booking marketplace theme is one of a hundred and thousand types of website-developing themes for WordPress. Tour operators and travel agencies trying to design a website for their travel booking business select these themes for efficiency.

This type of theme differs from the single website tour booking WordPress theme dedicated to a single tour operating websites in the WordPress theme market. A booking marketplace theme can help you create websites like TripAdvisor, TourRadar, etc. 

Key Takeaways

  •  The Emprise travel marketplace theme is one of the best marketplace themes for travel agencies and tour operators.
    • The Travel Booking Marketplace Theme is dedicated to multivendor travel website development.
    •  Travel Marketplace stands as the perfect choice for low-budget or startup travel agencies. This is because it requires comparatively less money for marketing and boosting products.
    •  Even though they offer exceptional features to the tour operators, customization could be improved.
    •  Each vendor gets a specific dashboard for their business to track the sales, revenues, and other factors accomplished by their tour operating business.
    •  The Emprise travel marketplace theme is one of the best marketplace themes for travel agencies and tour operators.

    Significant Features of Travel Booking Marketplace theme

    Travel Booking Marketplace themes have features that help multiple tour operators list their businesses simultaneously. These themes have features for everything, from managing the vendors to keeping track of the customers. 

    Furthermore, the travel marketplace themes also offer vendor dashboards, language settings, user accounts, business dashboards, and many more features to leverage tour operators and travelers. 

    Besides, here are some more features that one can expect from a multivendor travel theme in WordPress:

    Vendor Management Dashboard

    Travel Marketplace websites often have different travel agencies listing their tour packages. To help them quickly record their sales revenue and manage their tour package listings, bookings, availability, and bookings. 

    Users can also search for any particular package and book them from the vendor they want. So, a vendor management system is considered one of a travel marketplace theme’s primary and most significant features.

    Multi-language and Multi-Currency Support 

    Vendors or tour operators worldwide should list their travel packages in a specific travel marketplace platform. 

    Also, no boundaries limit tourism at all. If you check travel listing websites like TripAdvisor, you can notice that they have vendors from many nations, and the same goes for customers. 

    Travel booking marketplace themes also support multiple languages and currencies, making it easy for them to understand and secure their desired travel packages.

    Easy and Robust Booking System

    No doubt the booking system needs to be amazingly easy yet robust, as we are talking about a travel “booking” marketplace theme here. Yep! Many tour operators highly prefer these themes because of the simple and efficient booking flow that they provide. 

    Take the booking flow of TripAdvisor as an example. How easy is booking any travel package with this booking marketplace system? That’s precisely what any travel booking marketplace provides.

    Ratings and Reviews Support

    One of the significant features of any travel marketplace theme is that the users can rate and review the products they have bought or even the vendors they have bought them from. 

    This feature helps vendors gain more social proof and allows customers to send feedback regarding products or vendors they choose.

    Vendors and services with higher ratings and positive reviews attract more potential customers and build trust with existing customers. 

    Therefore, this feature helps users make decisions based on the reviews and responses any vendor has received and potentially book their trip from the best travel agency within the marketplace.

    Analytics Tracking and Reporting

    Travel Booking Marketplace Themes let travel agencies (vendors) track their sales analytics. Moreover, they can also autogenerate the analytics reports whenever they want. 

    This also helps the vendors know user behavior, plan new marketing strategies, and develop product promotion ideas. With the analytics tracking and reporting feature provided by the travel booking marketplace theme, travel agencies can understand and keep a record of the customers and every other detail required.

    Comparing Travel Booking Marketplace Theme with Tour Booking WordPress theme

    The Travel Booking Marketplace theme and tour booking WordPress theme fall significantly apart regarding their potential users, structures, and layout. However, they also share different highly essential features for travel agencies. 

    Here are a few of the significant differences that you can get from the comparison between the travel booking marketplace theme and the tour booking WordPress theme:

    Number of Vendors

    Travel Booking Marketplace themes support multiple vendors, allowing more than one travel agency to list and sell their products on one platform. On the other hand, tour booking WordPress themes only support a single vendor or business to showcase and sell its products and tour packages

    Customization and Feasibility

    These themes focus on customization of the preferences of multiple vendors in the travel marketplace. However, the customization options for travel WordPress themes are dedicated to one vendor or business. 

    A business can completely customize the whole tour booking theme. However, they can only customize their store in the marketplace theme, not the entire website/theme. 

    User Experience 

    Travel Booking Marketplace themes benefit users or potential buyers by allowing them to explore multiple vendors and select the trip package from their favorite vendors. 

    On the other hand, in a tour booking WordPress theme, users can explore several listings from one vendor or travel operator.

    Marketing and Promotion

    As travel marketplace themes have multiple vendors, they promote marketing within the marketplace. 

    For example, if you want to promote your agency, you can request the travel marketplace admin to showcase a banner or advertisement of your agency at the top of the page. 

    However, you can market or upsell other products in the tour booking theme through blog pages. So, we can say that self-promotion is somewhat more accessible with a marketplace theme.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Booking Marketplace Theme

    Travel MarketPlace themes are highly beneficial to tour operators that have just started. Moreover, it can also be an excellent choice for agencies with low budgets or spending limits. Growing a new business is accessible in the travel booking marketplace because you will not have to compete for search engine rankings. 

    Instead, as mentioned above, you can spend a little money and boost your business. In this way, you only need to compete with limited or chosen travel agencies. 

    However, if you plan to establish a travel brand and want to create a website, there may be better choices than the travel marketplace theme. 

    Here are some more pros and cons of the travel marketplace theme:


  •  Exposure in front of competitors’ customers means one good product can also attract customers from other agencies. 
    • Less money is required for marketing or promoting the services and products. 
    •  Limited competition as the travel operators can compete on something other than search engines.
    •  Pre-built features like multilingual support and multiple currency acceptance. 
    •  Exposure in front of competitors’ customers means one good product can also attract customers from other agencies. 


  •  Sometimes, your business might get hampered if any issues happen in the marketplace. This is because you need to wait for the admin of the travel marketplace to solve the problem.
    • If the travel marketplace ranks lower in search engines, it automatically downgrades your agency’s visibility.
    •  You cannot customize the whole website as per your requirement, as the customization accessibility is limited to a specific section only.
    •  Sometimes, your business might get hampered if any issues happen in the marketplace. This is because you need to wait for the admin of the travel marketplace to solve the problem.

    These were some common advantages and disadvantages of a travel marketplace theme or website. Nevertheless, if you plan to open a platform where different travel operators can list their products and services, you can opt for the travel marketplace theme.

    Get started with your travel marketplace website today with Emprise.


    What is a travel marketplace theme?

    Travel Booking Marketplace theme is a pre-designed template or layout that assists in designing and developing a website where multiple vendors can list and sell their travel and tour packages.

    Which is the best travel booking marketplace theme in WordPress?

    WordPress has many travel multivendor themes, but the Emprise travel booking multivendor theme is one of the best as it comprises all the features required to craft a perfect tour package marketplace website.

    Are these themes customizable?

    Yes, most of the travel marketplace themes are customizable. With these themes, vendors can modify the colors, fonts, layouts, and even the functionality, but in a limited manner.

    Are the travel marketplace themes optimized for SEO?

    Most travel marketplace themes are optimized for SEO and contain several SEO-oriented plugins and features.


    Travel Marketplace themes differ from regular tour booking themes as they support multivendors’ listings. These themes are perfect for anyone planning to develop a platform where travel agencies can list and sell their packages and services. 

    While selecting a travel marketplace platform, tour operators must check all the features and customization options that the space provides. If you want to craft the best travel marketplace platform without any hassle, you can choose the Emprise theme.

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