Published January 10, 2024

How to Create a Tourism website in 2024? Useful Tips and Tricks

How to Create a Tourism website in 2024? Useful Tips and Tricks

Since the COVID-19 hazard, many physical travel agencies have lost their businesses, which gave rise to the era of online travel booking platforms. Digital booking came to hype in 2023 as more and more people relied on online platforms to book their trips and vacation plans. Moreover, research shows that over 700 million people booked trip packages online in 2023. This made the travel website business highly competitive, and developing the best travel website will be more difficult in 2024.

All these records and stats lead to the conclusion that travel agencies must push forward to design the best travel booking websites in 2024 due to the rise in competition and rapidly increasing online travel booking trends.

It’s relatively easy to craft a perfect tour booking website with the help of WordPress. Moreover, this blog will help tour operators easily understand the basics of building excellent travel websites. 

But before that! Let me spill a secret to crafting the perfect travel booking website. 

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Even minor things like choosing a perfect tour booking WordPress theme or creating blogs can affect the designing process of a website for tourism.  

In this blog, you will understand the basics of building a travel booking platform in 2024. Moreover, we will also help you know some hacks that can help your travel agency’s online presence grow and attract as many tourists as possible. 

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The Most Important Components of a Travel Booking Website in 2024

The name Tour Booking website itself suggests many things regarding the most critical components of any travel tour website. 

An ideal tour booking website has a smooth and efficient interface to give users a better place to look for their planned vacation. Besides, it should also provide a playful environment for the users so they do not feel hectic when booking the trip they want. 

If you plan to create a website for travel booking, you need to think as a traveler yourself. Put yourself in their shoes and see what you would expect a travel booking website to be like. 

Yes! That’s precisely what your website should be like. 

Almost all the top-ranking or famous tour operating websites have many common traits, and some of them are listed below:

    •  All the travel websites have mobile-responsive designs and innovative navigational systems.

    •  They are all perfectly optimized for Search Engines like Google. 

    •  Most tour booking websites have smart search bars that assist visitors in finding what they are looking for by entering a couple of letters in the search bar. 

    •  Almost all of the best travel tour booking websites have transparency in the pricing they offer.

    •  Many of the best travel websites are built with high-quality tour booking WordPress themes. 

    •  High-ranking tour websites also include social proof, as this helps build trust with new customers.

These are some of the basic features of the best travel booking websites in the top search engine result pages. If you also plan to craft the best travel website to rank higher in search engine result pages like Google, remember to include these in your travel agency website.

Questions to ask yourself before developing a Travel Booking Website in 2024

Question for Developing Travel Website in 2024

Whether building an entirely new travel website in 2024 or trying to renovate an existing one, you must ask yourself some critical questions and ensure that your website answers all those questions.

Here is a list of the questions that you must ask yourself before developing the best travel booking website in 2024:

  •   Which travel WordPress theme will be perfect for your website?
    1. Who are your website’s targeted audiences?
    2.  What are the services that your website provides?
    3.  Which colors are you using in different sections across your travel website?
    4.  What features do you want to highlight on your website?
    5.   Which travel WordPress theme will be perfect for your website?

    Step-by-step Guide to Develop the Best Travel Website in 2024

    Guide to create perfect travel website in 2024

    Developing a perfect travel and tour website has become more challenging with the digitalization of travel booking. Nowadays, travelers want a visually appealing and featureful website for travel with an efficient and smooth booking flow. 

    Without a pre-planned strategy, requirement analysis, resource allocation, and development flow, the best tour booking website might be a myth. 

    Nevertheless, if you follow all the steps mentioned below for web development, you can end up having a travel booking website that travelers prefer to visit and book their trips from in 2024:

    Step 1. Research to the fullest

    Whether developing a travel website for the first time or restructuring an existing one, you must research to the fullest. Try to figure out the primary services and products that you want to sell from your website. 

    For example, some travel websites might be dedicated to trekking and expeditions, and some might be for vacation trips to the island. Once you have finalized the leading products and services your website offers, you can plan the content and other features to be included.

    Step 2. Figure out how you want to develop the website

    There are two ways of developing a website: coded and codeless. A coded website is built entirely by developers and coded from start to end. On the other hand, a codeless website is a site that is made with a specific Content Management System like WordPress.

    We recommend you use WordPress because web development is way more accessible, faster, and cost-efficient with CMS compared to coded web development.

    Step 3. Get your website a Domain Name

    Once you have finalized how to develop the website, it’s time to get a Domain for your website. A Domain name is the unique name given to your website, which people type in the search engines and get redirected to your website. 

    Make sure you choose an accessible Domain name for the website and avoid using extra characters as much as possible. and are examples of the best domain names. We can see that the name itself yells out the service provided by the website. 

    Step 4: Choose a Host for your Website

    You must list your website in search engines with hosting. Undoubtedly, hosting is a crucial part of taking your services online. 

    Therefore, you must give special attention while selecting your website’s hosting platform. Ensure that your host provides higher storage so your website runs smoothly, even if it contains large multimedia files.

    Check out all the resources the host provides to your website and inspect the ease of managing the website. You can choose from multiple host providers like Hostinger, Bluehost, HostGator, etc.

    Step 5: Select an ideal Tour Booking WordPress Theme

    Once you have chosen your website’s domain name and hosting provider, it’s time to design it. Several free and premium WordPress themes are available in the theme market. So, you need to analyze and develop the theme ideal for your travel booking website.

    Don’t know how to code but still want to craft the perfect travel website? Try the Emprise theme and start your codeless web development journey right away!

    While selecting an ideal theme, you must be very careful about the features, customizability, adaptability, optimization, and speed it provides to your website. 

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    Step 6: Install the theme and all the required plugins

    Install the theme once you finalize the theme you want to use to develop your travel booking website. Themes alone are not enough for web development. So, you must install several required and recommended plugins to enhance your development journey in 2024. 

    If you choose the Emprise theme, you can check out all the required plugins and other requirements from How to Install the Emprise theme for travel agencies?

    If you opt for any other themes, they provide the required documentation.

    Step 7: Start developing the perfect travel booking website in 2024

    After completing all the steps mentioned above, you can set up your website and start with the customization. You must develop a travel website that reflects your brand identity and enhances your online presence amongst travelers and tourists in 2024.

    Moreover, you can regularly customize your website to make it unique and help your target audience and potential customers love the travel booking process as much as they love the trip. Also, remember to add more and better content to the website regularly. 

    Also, ensure that the content is relevant to the services provided by your travel agencies and matches your target audience’s search intent.


    Developing the best tour booking website might be more hectic in 2024 than it used to be previously. Nevertheless, by following all the steps mentioned in this blog, choosing an ideal theme, and understanding the search intent of your target audiences, you can build a result-oriented travel website in 2024.

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