Published January 11, 2024

Global Color Customization: Quality Feature of WordPress theme

Global Color Customization: Quality Feature of WordPress theme

Colors are one of the first things anyone notices when they enter any website. Nevertheless, colors also help brands and businesses stand out in the market. That is the reason why the best of the WordPress tour and travel themes are incorporated with the Global Color Customization feature.

Colors are one of the significant indications of any brand. Specific colors manipulate human brains to remember specific things. For example, if we see a red flag, our brain automatically signals its danger. That’s because the human brain is used to red, which means danger. Moreover, colors not only distinguish the brand identity but also help enhance the overall look and feel of any design or website. 

WordPress tour and travel themes come with a Global Color Customization feature to allow tour operators to spread their brand colors around their website and convince people to enjoy being on it.

What are Global Colors?

Whenever a website is developed, developers set several colors as the global color for that website. For example, select the Global Text Color of Grey if you want your website’s text color to be Grey. When you do that, all the text in your font will automatically switch to that color. 

Then, if you ever want the text color of your website to be black, you can change the Global Text color from Grey to Black, and the work’s done.

Similarly, tour operators can also set several global colors for every element they want. This has a lot of benefits to the business owners as well as to the overall business. 

If you check the Emprise tour booking WordPress theme, you can see that there are four pre-defined global colors:

    • Brand Color: The primary color of your website that reflects the overall color of your brand.

    • Body Color: The color of the website’s body and various other elements (product card, subtitles, sub-items, etc.) present in the body of your website.

    • Heading Color: The color of the headings that you use entirely over the website. You can set a global heading color to focus the headings throughout the website.

    • Neural Color: Colors used for the elements or texts that are not highly important but are still present on the website.
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Significances of Global Color Customization in WordPress tour and travel themes

Different colors to be used

Did you understand what Global Colors are and what global colors the Emprise theme has? However, do you know why tour agencies should choose WordPress tours and travel themes with the Global Color Customization feature?

As mentioned above, global color palettes are critical when customizing any website. These colors can help tour agencies stand out from similar websites. Other than that, here are a few of the highlighted significance of global color customization in WordPress travel themes:

 Branding Consistency

One of the significant advantages of global colors is that tour operators can consistently maintain their brand identity across the website. 

For example, if you want your brand color to be yellow, you would like people to remember your brand whenever they see the color yellow. For that, you need to have the yellow color on all the pages of your website repetitively. 

Furthermore, if you ever think of changing your brand’s identity color, you can set that on the Global Color Palette, and the entire website will have the same brand color. 

This makes it easy for the tour operators to maintain consistent branding all across their websites.

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Easy and Efficient Customization 

The Global Color Customization feature of any WordPress tour and travel theme offers tour operators an easy way to customize their website. 

Tour operators will not have to search for the color in the backend to make any changes, as they can do that through a global color palette.

The global color customization feature makes setting specific colors for specific purposes much easier and faster. You can match the color and customize your website’s appearance and color composure as per the interest of your customers or visitors.

Experimenting Possibilities

Global color customization also allows tour operators to experiment with multiple colors. 

As tour operators can change their brand color and other secondary colors as quickly and efficiently as possible, they can insert different colors and select the color that matches the most according to the seasons, marketing campaigns, or even by following the trends. 

Therefore, tour agency owners can instantly change the colors of their websites according to their requirements.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance process is also straightforward because of the global color customization. This is because you only need to change the color in one location instead of wandering around every section of the website. 

This makes the maintenance process very easy for the tour operators. Therefore, many WordPress tour and travel themes come with the global color customization feature. 

Enhanced User Experience

When your website has the perfect combination of colors, it attracts people and also convinces them to book their travel packages through your website. Many travelers like lighter colors rather than darker colors. So, optimizing your tour booking website with soft colors boosts your website’s potential to convert visitors into customers.

These significantly benefit tour operators in increasing their website’s conversion and customer acquisition rate. 

Get Emprise and enjoy the flexibility to choose your favorite color for your travel booking website.

How to customize the Global Colors in the Emprise theme?

How to customize the Emprise global color

The Emprise tour booking WordPress theme also consists of a global color setting that allows tour operators to quickly and effectively spread their brand colors all over their travel booking websites.

Moreover, global color customization is also made handy in the Emprise theme. For better understanding, here is the step-by-step guide on how to change the global color if you select this WordPress theme to develop your travel agency website:

1st Step: Click the “Customize” option above your website or go to the Dashboard -> Appearance ->Customize.

2nd Step: From the Customize tab, select the Global Settings.

3rd Step: Inside the Global Settings, select the Global Color option.

4th Step: That’s it! You will see the list where you can select the global color for Brand, Body, Heading, and Neutral, as shown in the image below.

This is how easily you can change the global color palette if you customize your travel booking website with the Emprise travel agency theme.

Besides, the Emprise WP theme also has several other features and customization options to leverage the online presence of any tour booking website. 


Global Color Customization is one of the quality features of the finest travel agency themes. This customization option allows tour operators to enhance their branding and marketing. Moreover, they also assist them in acquiring more and more customers. 

No matter how good travel packages travel agencies provide, the customer acquisition rate is still low if the website needs to use colors properly. 

Therefore, you must ensure that your website’s color coordination perfectly matches your brand identity and justifies your audience’s preferences.

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