Published January 11, 2024

Customer Reviews Section: Essential of Travel Agency Themes

Customer Reviews Section: Essential of Travel Agency Themes

Word of mouth is the best free marketing technique in the current era because people believe when they see or listen to what others have already experienced. 

When it comes to spending money on traveling or booking any travel packages, people do more research and take as much information as possible from people who have already been to the same destination. This makes the customer reviews section essential to any travel booking website.

If you ever check the finest travel agency themes in the market, you will notice that they emphasize making the best customer reviews section. That is because positive reviews from previous customers can raise the level of any travel agency and increase its customer acquisition rate. 

Imagine you want to go for a vacation trip, so you start looking for the best deals, and in the process, you find a website with many people giving positive reviews and expressing their satisfaction with the trip they booked through that website. 

What is the probability that you will secure your next trip from that particular website? Undoubtedly, it’s going to be higher.

Does the Customer Reviews Section Matter for Travel Agencies' Success?

Advantages of Customer Reviews Section

When people respond positively to any products, services, or website, others will also look at those reviews and tend to choose or try those products at least once. 

For that to happen, a website (service provider) should have a customer reviews section on the first or the landing page so that whenever new people visit the website, they immediately see how people are responding to the services provided by that website. 

In the context of travel agencies, safety, enjoyment, and satisfaction are significant scales for comparing the tour packages or travel services the agency provides. So, travel agency themes come with a pre-built customer reviews section. 

In that case, it will be easier for the tour operators to showcase how their previous customers (travelers) loved the journey with that particular agency.

Here are a few reasons why the customer reviews section matters for travel agencies’ success:


    • Positive responses from previous travelers act as the medium of establishing trust and credibility. Besides, they are also the social proof that ensures the agency’s quality of services and reliability to new visitors or future potential customers. 

    •  These positive responses can also be a traffic-driving factor for the agency running any marketing campaign. The travel agencies can advertise the satisfaction of the previous travelers and encourage other people to try and book tour packages from that agency.

    • When the tour operators reply to the feedback they receive, it increases user engagement and sets a positive message about the tour agency.

    • Search Engines also prioritize the websites that people love. So, when your travel agency website receives more positive responses from your clients, it encourages search engines like Google to rank your website higher in the Search Engine Result Pages, directly enhancing your agency’s online visibility

Why are Customer Review Sections Essential for Travel Agency Themes?

Tourism is a rapidly flourishing industry worldwide, with over 700 million bookings in 2023. As per several research studies, the online travel market is valued at $521.18B. This number denotes growth opportunities and competition for online travel booking agencies.

In such a competitive rush of the online travel booking business, review sections provided by the travel agency themes can assist online tour operators in convincing newer visitors to book their next travel from their website.

Traveling is one of the activities that people want to do a lot. However, travelers research and look forward to reviews and feedback from the experienced ones paying for any package. For most travelers, high pricing is a secondary cause of abandoning any travel website, whereas wrong customer reviews remain the primary factor. 

The customer reviews section in the tour booking WordPress themes can greatly benefit online travel agencies. Here are some of the points that show the paramount importance of review sections:

Building Trust and Transparency

When travel agencies incorporate customer reviews sections in their website, they can showcase the satisfaction level, good reviews, and positive ratings the previous travelers provided. 

With this, tour operators can empower trust with potential customers and maintain transparency about their products and services. 

When new and potential clients go through the positive reviews and comments passed on to a tour operator’s website, it positively manipulates them into choosing that tour agency to book their next holiday travel package.

Feedback to improve for the tour agencies

Reviews from customers can travelers also act as a channel to inform the tour operating businesses about the scope to improve their services and products. 

Sometimes, there are areas of services that require special attention or need instant improvement, and the travel agencies need to be made aware of that. However, customer reviews can inform them about such situations and problems. 

When the tour agency’s customers suggest any changes or improvements and the agencies take those reviews positively, that will help them increase their business on a large scale.

Setting Apart from Competitors

When travel agencies have sections where they can share their clients’ reviews and success stories, they can set themselves apart from the competitors. Moreover, even search engines like Google check customer reviews and favorable ratings before ranking them higher on the search engine result pages. 

So, if a travel agency is developed using any travel agency themes that have pre-built review sections, all the customer reviews can automatically placed there, leveraging the search engine ranking and standing apart from the competitors.

Outstanding Marketing Tool

Reviews and customer ratings can also be outstanding marketing tools for travel agencies. Tour operators can attract higher clickthrough rates and leads on their marketing campaigns and gradually convert them into loyal customers. 

Customer reviews and user ratings can enhance the social proofing of the website, and social proofing is one of the best things any business can market to gain more loyal customers. 

Therefore, when any travel agency themes come with a proper customer review section, that’s a plus point for any travel agency to market their services.

Better Customer Engagement

Travel Agencies can also advance engagement with their customer with the help of well-optimized review sections. 

When tour operators address and respond to the reviews and prioritize user ratings for constant improvement, it positively impacts the travelers, and they tend to return to the same website every time they plan to book travel.

All these advantages lure travel agencies to choose travel agency themes with a customer reviews section. However, review sections in the tour booking theme have several more advantages. Moreover, the review sections benefit visitors and tour operators by building trust between the two parties.


The finest travel agency themes like Emprise incorporate a customer review section to leverage the social proofing on any tour operators that choose these themes to develop their website. 

The customer review sections attract customers and give search engines strong reasons to rank the websites higher in the search engine result pages. 

Developing the best travel agency themes is dedicated to elevating the tour-operating businesses’ overall online presence and revenue. Due to significant factors affecting the tour businesses’ overall growth and conversion rate, the finest travel agency themes have an incorporated customer reviews section. 

Reviews and ratings from customers are not just something they say but also one of the best ways to build trust over new potential customers. So, when developing a travel booking website, ensure the theme contains a pre-built customer review section.

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