Published January 16, 2024

How to Develop Hotel Website with WordPress?

Are you trying to develop the best hotel booking website? Here is how WordPress themes can help you do that with as less hassle as possible.
How to Develop Hotel Website with WordPress?

Did you know that online hotel booking market size is estimated to reach $833 billion in 2025? Imagine having just a tiny part of this vast market size; how much would that help your hotel business earn? So, don’t you want to be a part of such a vast market? In that case, you can develop a hotel website with WordPress using the perfect WP theme.

In the current era of digitization, only having a physical hotel infrastructure might not be enough; your business needs to be equally active on the Internet. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hotel WP Themes are pre-built templates to help owners take their hotel businesses online.

  • Developing a hotel website in WordPress is relatively easy if you choose the ideal hotel booking WP theme.

  • One of the most essential things to do before you develop a hotel website with WordPress is to select the best theme.

What is a Hotel Booking theme in WordPress?

Hotel Website Landing Page

Hotel Booking WP theme is a pre-built template or design dedicated to bringing hotels and restaurants online. This theme primarily aims to help hotel owners prepare and create unique websites in WordPress to showcase their hospitality services. Moreover, travelers can also book their stay in that particular hotel from anywhere in the world.

As people have started preferring codeless web development, the usage of CMSs like WordPress has been overgrown. WordPress offers development with different themes to make it even easier for the developers. You can choose any of those themes and start redefining your hotel website’s online presence in WordPress with your desired style.


Hotel Booking Themes comprise all the features, plugins, and extra addons required to set up the perfect hospitality or hotel website. Here are some features hotel owners would love if they use the hotel booking themes for their website.

  • Hotel WP theme leverages hotels with a feature that includes a real-time availability checking option. This feature allows the customers to check whether the hotel or lodge has room availability.
  • Like the tour and travel WordPress theme, hotel WP themes have a smooth booking flow with easy payment options.
  • These themes also allow hotel owners to allocate dynamic pricing for their products. Moreover, the prices can also be adjusted per hotel owners’ offers and discounts. 
  • Guests or customers can review and rate any hotels listed on the website per their preferences and experience with the services.
  • Hotel WP themes also come with customizable booking forms where the hotel owners can collect all the necessary information from the client.
  • Moreover, the guests can also experience flexibility in selecting the check-in and check-out times to know whether they can book any particular hotel at any specific time.

Step-by-step Guide to Develop a hotel website with WordPress

tips to develop hotel website with WordPress

Hotel WordPress themes are, hands down, the best and most efficient way to design and develop a hotel website. 

As we have already gone through all the features given below and understood why hotel WP themes are so good to create a hotel website in WordPress, let’s check out how to build the best hotel website with a hotel WP theme:

Look for the hotel WP theme (and select one)

Crafting the best hotel website can be more than hectic without a perfect WP theme. So, carefully select the theme that matches your business requirements and features necessary to run the hotel website fluently.

You can surf through thousands and millions of hotel themes from different WP theme markets like ThemeForest, elegant themes, etc. But wait! Do you know what is easier? Developing your hotel website with the Emprise theme.

Check out the theme thoroughly

You can refer to our theme documentation if you decide to proceed with the Emprise theme. However, if you choose any other theme, we recommend going through the entire theme and its demo version individually. Understanding the features and workings of the themes can help you quickly and easily design your website.

Install the required Plugins

After you select any hotel theme, but before you start developing the website with that theme, remember to install the plugins suggested by the theme. Moreover, you can also install any other plugins necessary for your website.

Here are some of the most essential plugins for a hotel website:

  • WooCommerce – e-commerce plugin
  • Booking Calendar – easy booking 
  • WP Hotelier
  • Elementor 

Besides, several more plugins are essential to developing a perfect hotel website in WordPress. Nevertheless, to simplify designing and development, Emprise provides two plugins: Emprise Theme Addons and Emprise Elementor Extension.

Once you download and install all the plugins mentioned above, it’s time to start designing and developing the hotel booking website.

Things to Consider While You Develop a Hotel Website in WordPress

Undoubtedly, hotel booking themes and plugins have made developing a hotel website in WordPress easier. However, tour operators still need to consider or be aware of several things while developing a hotel website in WordPress:

Plan your website 

This is the first and the most critical process of developing any website. Before starting the development, the appearance and features must be planned. If you build your hotel website with the Emprise theme, you will not have to prepare the structure and design. Instead, you can hop on to planning content and multimedia for your hotel website. 

Select the best WordPress theme

The theme you choose significantly affects the appearance and overall functionality of your hotel booking website. Therefore, before you develop a hotel website in WordPress, remember to go through multiple WordPress themes and choose one. 

Choosing the Emprise tour and travel WordPress theme is one of the best options because it is both a tour and a hotel theme.

Take your Time to Design

Now that you have checked, downloaded, and installed the theme, design your website with unique approaches. Here are a few things that can help you create the perfect web pages for your site:

  • Select and insert your brand colors into the hotel theme you select.
  • Design and develop the best logo (no need if you already have one).
  • Plan the content for every website page, like a landing page, product page, blogs, etc. 
  • Remember to do keyword research before planning and writing the content for each page.
  • Put all of these things together, and your website will be ready.

After you find your favorite theme or the theme that matches your website’s requirements, it’s time to design the website. When you create the website, give it the best color that reflects your brand, and pay special attention to the landing page copies and CTAs. 

Furthermore, you must pay special attention to the size while adding images or other multimedia files. Besides, one of the most critical aspects of designing a hotel website with WordPress is considering mobile responsiveness.

Add relevant content 

Hotel owners must add as much relevant content to the website as possible. Ensure that you provide the perfect information to your visitors right as they enter your website until they complete any action. Remember that websites that are easy to understand are more accessible to purchase from. Therefore, adding content is a job of high responsibility.

Practice Regular Maintenance and Updates

If you want to keep your customers satisfied and happy with your services or website, keep your website updated regularly. For example, if rooms are unavailable for a specific time, remove them temporarily from the website or add caution. This can help customers understand that a particular booking cannot be made.  

When you ultimately design and develop your hotel website in WordPress, you must regularly update and maintain the website. Regular maintenance of the hotel website includes adding new menu items, checking the reviews, and taking action according to the reviews passed by the customers.

You can also read about the tourism WordPress theme.


If you want to develop a hotel website with WordPress, selecting the perfect theme can influence its development to the greatest extent. From appearance, content, colors, and brand reflection to overall functionality, a a good theme can help developers with all these. 

One of the best ways to develop the hotel website of your dreams with WordPress is by choosing the Emprise theme. With this theme, you will get the eligibility and flexibility of adding your perspective to the hotel website and designing it in the easiest way possible.

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