Published December 4, 2023

Must-Have Plugins for the Best Tour Booking WordPress Theme

Plugins do add smoothness and fluency to any website. That's what they are developed for! Without a doubt, these 5 plugins can help you stand out amongst any other online tour booking WP websites.
Must-Have Plugins for the Best Tour Booking WordPress Theme

With the growing tourism industry in this digital era, every tour operator wants their website to attract more clients and gain higher booking rates. No matter which tour booking WP theme you choose, there are some must-have plugins you should be aware of at any cost.

As the use of WordPress themes for website development has increased lately, theme developers have started integrating several plugins dedicated to industry-related websites. 

Plugins are undoubtedly responsible for giving unique designs and features to a website. With proper plugins, website development can be a smooth task, so if you are a tour operator and want to design a perfect tour booking website, ensure that the theme you use is integrated with the plugins listed in this blog. Let’s get started!

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Why are Tour Booking Plugins Important?

It’s not a surprise to any WordPress user that plugins significantly affect the user-friendliness of any website. Is there more to understand the true importance of plugins in WP? There are different types of WordPress plugins: some can be added, and some come integrated with your selected theme. 

However, one thing is sure: the best WordPress themes often come with a few of their plugins to make it easier for tour operators to enhance the appearance and features of their websites. 

This blog has two sections: first, we will familiarize you with the plugins integrated with the Emprise theme and then list a few more essential plugins. Keep reading tour operators.

5 must-have plugins

Plugins Integrated with Emprise Tour Booking WP Theme

As this is a blog by Emprise, we would like to promote ourselves here. The plugins we list and describe in this section are only accessible if you choose Emprise as the theme partner for your tour booking WordPress website. If you decide Emprise to design and develop your travel agency website, these are the must-have plugins.

Do you want to try the Emprise online tour booking WP theme? Here you go with Emprise!

Emprise Theme Addons

Elementor Theme Addon

The Emprise Theme Addons is a plugin that comes “attached” with the theme. Besides, the dynamicity of this theme is mind-blowing as it helps tour operators include exceptional user-friendly features in the website. All the features included in the Emprise Theme Addons are what make Emprise one of the best online tour booking WP themes. 

Now that we have claimed the Emprise Theme Addons to be the best plugin for a tour booking website let us take you through some significant features of this plugin:

  • Product Types: This feature/section of the Emprise Theme Addon allows the tour operators to describe the product they are inserting into your website.  
  • Physical Level: Let your visitors understand the difficulty level of the tour package that they select. Most trip enthusiasts love knowing how challenging the trip they choose is. 
  • Tour Duration: Here, you can keep the information about the tour length that the customers can book on your website. 
  • Product Addons: With this option, the Emprise online tour booking WP theme allows the tour operators to add some secondary add-ons that the clients can select along with the package.
  • Inclusive/Exclusive: This is one of the most essential features to be included in any Tour Booking Website. With this feature, you can let the visitors know what is included and excluded in the tour package they book.
  • Dynamic Filters: Ensure higher booking rates with the dynamic filters provided by Emprise Theme Addons. This feature helps the customer filter out the best of their preferences among all the tours listed on the website. 
  • Custom Icons: The Emprise Theme Addon also has several custom tour-related icons. Choose suitable icons from the pool of custom icons from Emprise and enhance the user-friendliness of your website.
To learn more about the Emprise theme addon, please refer to the Emprise Documentation.

Emprise Elementor Extension

Emprise Elementor Extension

The Emprise Elementor Extension is there to help the tour operators build the tour booking website with drag and drop. With the Emprise online travel tour booking WordPress theme, you will not have to panic much about coding while developing the website. 

When you install the emprise theme, you can start customizing with the help of Elementor and quickly build a perfect website for your tour booking system. 

Moreover, all the blocks required for the website are built-in, meaning you can drag the block to the necessary part of your website and give your website a unique and attractive look. 

Again, refer to the documentation to learn more about Emprise Elementor Extension. 

Note: Both extensions are essential to build a website with the Emprise online tour booking WP theme. Without these plugins, your website might not be as you expected, and the blocks and components also do not work without these plugins.

With all this being said, Emprise is undoubtedly one of the best online tour booking WP themes.
Let’s learn about three more must-have WordPress plugins that significantly impact the online tour booking website.


This is one of tour operators’ highly preferred must-have plugins to be included in their websites. Yatra is a free plugin that you can find in the plugin section of your WordPress website dashboard. 

Dedicated to enhancing the user experience and features (specializing in the Tourism industry), Yatra is an SEO-friendly and easy-to-use plugin with many features. Besides, here are some of the best elements of Yatra to help you enhance the usability of the travel tour booking WordPress theme:

  • Unlimited Tour and Travel Categories
  • Option to include discount coupons
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Endless itineraries for every tour package
  • Separate section for customers
  • Translation ready for any languages

The Yatra Plugin has both free and premium versions that you can choose from. The main plugin is free. However, you will have to pay for any additional extensions. Here are the pricing options for the Yatra Plugin:

  • Free – Main plugin
  • Starter – $79/yr (1 Site – Limited add-ons)
  • Essential – $149/yr (1 Site – All add-ons)
  • Growth – $299/yr (5 Sites – All add-ons)
  • Master – $599/yr (30 Sites – All add-ons with UI customization support)


WooTour WordPress Plugin

Another amazing plugin for the best tour booking WordPress theme, WooTour, is a great companion for any WP website. Furthermore, with the WooTour plugin, you can create a complete booking system for your online tour booking website. 

This plugin has several features to help you create one of the best online tour booking websites. Some of those features are:

  • User History to keep track of user data
  • Option to download bills in PDF format 
  • Inbuilt User Management System
  • Email Notification after any activity performed by the user (booking, cancellation, and completion)

The WooTour plugin only has a paid version, costing $49 annually. However, the enhancement provided by this plugin to any online tour booking WordPress theme completely justifies its pricing.

WP Travel Engine

WP Travel Engine is one of the most-loved and must-have plugins for WordPress themes used by most of the best online tour booking websites. With this fantastic plugin, building a tour booking website feels very easy and exciting as it provides the developers with many facilities and unique features. Want to know the features of this plugin? Here you go:

  • Is it possible to add a group discount option to the pricing
  • This plugin allows tour operators to add weather-forecasting tour widgets for every destination and tour package.
  • A translation-ready plugin so that you can design a website in various languages.
  • Easy and enhanced booking system for better user experience and accepts many payment methods.

Regarding the pricing option, the WP travel engine is free to some extent, but you can also subscribe to some other plans: 

  • Personal – $99 per year
  • Plus – $199 per year
  • Expert – $599 per year


We hope this blog has provided some of the best insights about five must-have plugins for the best tour booking WordPress theme. 

Nevertheless, it entirely depends on you to select the Emprise tour that comprises all the features of some of the best plugins within just two or choose any other plugins for building your tour booking website. 

A user-friendly website is a must to increase the number of bookings for your tour, travel, and services. Such a website requires the best online tour booking WP theme, and such tour booking themes are made better with the best plugins.

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