Published December 4, 2023

How to perfectly develop tour booking system with WordPress?

Website designs shall not be a headache to anyone for real! Its so easy that you can seriously design a perfect online tour booking WP system within a day. Just follow the steps given in this blog!
How to perfectly develop tour booking system with WordPress?

WordPress has become one of the best alternatives for creating websites in the present day. With their drag-and-drop features and easy-to-develop environment, WordPress themes have provided a playful way to design and develop websites of any nature or business. Therefore, we can also develop a tour booking WP system using dedicated WordPress travel themes

How to develop tour booking system

People have started preferring online methodologies for pre-booking trips as the world advances digitally and technologically. In that scenario, if you have a beautiful website to help them experience the destinations virtually (through photos and videos), you are already a winner in this industry. Don’t worry if you have no idea about creating a website because as you finish reading this blog, you can design a perfect online tour booking WP system within just one day.

What makes the best Online Tour Booking System?

Creating a perfect online tour booking website using a WordPress theme is undoubtedly an easy task, but what takes much time is figuring out what makes a tour booking website the best online booking system for tour operators.

With this section of the blog, we intend to provide the readers, specifically tour operators, with an understanding of their website’s needs to outperform their competitors. Therefore, please read this section with all your attention before you develop the online tour booking system.

major features of tour booking system

A visitors-favorite tour booking site must have all the blocks and features that help them see the trip, virtually feel the trip, understand the requirements of the journey they plan, filter out its elements, and finally make a safe and secure payment while finalizing the booking process. 

Confusing right? Well, let us provide you with a list (certainly to make it easier for you to understand):

  • Maximum Tour Package Filters 

  • Date and number of people selection option

  • Updated payment integration

  • A separate page for videos and photos of travelers’ experience

  • As much detailed itinerary as possible

  • Map integration for each tour package (location)

  • Information about inclusions and exclusions of the desired package

  • Blogs and updates related to every factor that affects the desired tour package.

Once you have all these features in your online tour booking website, the booking rate automatically increases, directly and positively impacting the client’s satisfaction level. 

Step-by-step Guide to Develop the best Online Tour Booking Website within a day

As you have understood the basic requirements of a perfect and the best online tour booking website, it is your time to hop into the development process of your online tour booking WP system. 

This blog section provides the best technique to create a graceful and outrageous website for your tour and travel booking system or business.

So, let’s start!

Step 1: Download and setup your WordPress Environment

You should set up your WordPress development environment to develop a perfect online booking system. Download WordPress and start setting up the application. Before using WordPress, Everything you should know can be checked from the official WordPress website.

Step 2: Get the Emprise Online Tour Booking Theme

One of the essential things to make your best online booking system for tour development easier is to get the best online booking WP theme; for that, the Emprise Booking WP theme is a perfect choice.

With exceptional features like the easy addition of tour listings and all the plugins needed to grab more attention and increase the number of bookings, Emprise seriously has it all. 

Here is an easy way to get your hands on the Emprise Online Booking WP theme

With installing the Emprise theme on WordPress, half of your online tour booking process completes itself. As you finish reading the third step of this blog, you are all set to build your very own online tour booking website, that too, within a day.

Step 3: Get your Business a Domain Name and a Web Host

Before you develop your online tour booking system for tours, get a Domain Name for your business (You can get one from GoDaddy. However, there are many more options.) Once you get the domain name, you must host the online booking system for tours and activities on the Search Engine (internet).

WordPress sites can be hosted with Hostinger. Once you have completed these two tasks, your website is ready to be designed, so hop into the next and final step of creating an online tour booking website within a day.

Step 4: Get started with converting your ideas into a fully functional website

Step 4 is straightforward because all you need to do is import demo data, and your website is built. Afterward, you can select the Edit with Elementor and design your ideal website with a few drag-and-drops. 

Here are a few things we suggest you do to give your website a unique appearance:

  • Enter all the listings (travel packages) that your business provides.

  • Insert excellent photos and videos related to the tour packages.

  • Input everything related to the tour packages, such as descriptions, pricing options, detailed itineraries, maps, and everything a visitor would love to know about the packages. 

  •  With Emprise theme add-ons, you can add unique date-picking options and integrate payment methods per your preferences.

However, remember that the online tour booking system for tours and activities development with the Emprise theme is more comprehensive than the abovementioned points. 

If you are a player in website development, the Emprise online tour booking WP theme is an open-world playground. This is your platform to convert your ideas into reality.


Yes, you read that right! It’s not a conclusion; it is a congratulations. We want to congratulate you for understanding how to develop an online tour booking system within a day. Wasn’t that easy? Of course, that is why we have designed Emprise, a perfect online tour booking theme. Developing a tour booking system for tour operators feels like going to an amusement park. Enjoyable!

Now, you can get the best out of an online booking system for tour operators and feel the increase in the number of bookings you receive. 

Want to know in detail about the Emprise theme and its features? Please read our documentation.

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