Published December 1, 2023

7 Must-Have Features in a Tour Booking Website

Insert all these 7 features in your tour booking website and make it ready to attract more visitors and make gaining more bookings as easy as possible.
7 Must-Have Features in a Tour Booking Website

Have you ever sat back and thought about how profitable it is to run a tour agency online? No need to worry even if you haven’t because we have. In this modern age, where AI and technology are rapidly enhancing, tour and travel agencies have also adapted to the advancement of technologies and shifted their services completely to website-based. 

Just take the example of Trip Advisor. With exceptional AI and technology integration, Trip Advisor is amongst the world’s top travel research and best website to book tour packages.

Undoubtedly, you can also quickly develop a best website for booking tours. However, competing with the existing and successful competitors is only possible if your online tour booking  website has all those features they provide. Making visitors and customers easier while roaming around your website helps you achieve customer satisfaction retention and ultimately increase your sales. 

In this blog, we will shed light on 7 of the best features that make a best tour booking website. So, if you have a tour booking website or plan to develop a new one, ensure you have included all these features before anything else!

List Adding Option in the Frontend

Before you start satisfying your visitors with dynamic features, make sure that the website is accessible for your use as well. With the list (packages) added to the front of your website, you can have the power to enter any new tour package without bothering the backend developers.

Furthermore, this feature enables the tour operators to add any new package within a zippy. 

Tour Booking Website

Let us reveal you a secret! Not many WordPress themes have this feature, but we know a theme that does! Yes, the Emprise online tour booking website template has this fantastic feature built in.

When it is easy for the business owners, they can guarantee even more easiness for their potential customers. Therefore, the list from the frontend feature is dedicated to enhancing the tour operator’s experience with building the best website for booking tour.

Let us make it easier for you! Here is a portal that takes you to the Emprise theme

That was just a gift feature from Emprise to our generous clients (tour operators). Now, we will let you know 7 most essential features of any of the best tour booking website. 

Tighten your seatbelts, fam!

How much do you think a perfect search bar affects your website’s appearance and client satisfaction? The answer is “more than anything”. With a user-friendly and dynamic search bar, you can help visitors find the tour they want without hassle or a lengthy search process. 

Tour Booking Website

                                                      Image: Dynamic Search Bar

Ensure your search bar impressively answers two significant questions: “When?” and “Where?”. The amount of creativity or design freedom you can analyze in that search bar entirely depends upon you, but again, remember that the search bar is the heart of the website. Not having a dynamic and user-friendly search bar is unsuitable for your website’s health.

This is also essential for the ranking factor of the website in SERP because search engines understand the services you provide and rank it positively when people look for those destinations or packages.

2) Pricing Details in Priorities

Did you know that so many websites to book tour packages lose their potential bookings because they provide the pricing detail just at the end of the booking process? No matter where a person wants to go for any tour, they definitely would have a budget. Therefore, if your visitors know the pricing at the last stage and know they cannot afford their chosen trip, that is undoubtedly heartbreaking! 

Tour Booking Website

                                             Image: Pricing Details

So, if you look at some of the best tour booking websites, they always have the pricing on the landing page or, if not, at the very start of the tour booking process. 

Once you have correctly, clearly, and thoroughly added the pricing options per the tour packages or destinations, your visitors can know how much they need to spend for any specific trip.

3) Thorough and crystal-clear filtration

The best tour booking website template must have a dynamic and thorough filter that the visitors can apply. 

For example, suppose one of your visitors is looking for a solo trip to any beach location for 3-4 days under a specific budget. In that case, the website should have the option where that particular visitor (potential booking) can apply the exact filter and see only such trips that s/he is looking for.

Tour Booking Website

                                             Image: Filtration Options

This feature allows your potential customers to find their desired products quickly, and the chance of you losing a sure shot booking decreases significantly.

Filtration, in our opinion, is one of the most crucial aspects and features of my tour booking website. Nobody, not at all, visits a website and buys the first thing they see; they tend to search for the tour or destination of their choice, pricing, physical challenges, deals and discounts on the trips, and many more.

All these things can quickly be sorted out with the dynamic search tabs present in the Emprise theme. So, you can get Emprise and start creating the best tour booking website.

Blogs or articles are two of the most critical factors affecting business sales and bookings. Therefore, ensure your website compulsorily has a section for different blogs and articles. 

Tour Booking Website

                                    Image: Dynamic Blog Section

You can insert blogs related to other destinations, difficulty levels, best places to travel at specific times, and other important information. Also, make sure that the blogs or articles you include on your website give clear insights to the readers.

5) Social Media Integration

Social media has become the most potent form of marketing and branding today. So, ensure that you have social media pages for your business and that those pages are integrated with your business website. Incorporating social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc., can help your business attract more and more bookings. 

Tour Booking Website

                        Image: Social Media Integration in Footer

Most of the popular websites provide links to their social media in the footer section. You can do the same with your website or use separate CTA buttons. However, remember that social media integration is one of the best ways to generate leads and ultimately get more bookings.

6) Eye-Catchy Reviews Section

People attract people! If your service can satisfy one person, that customer can become your unpaid marketing executive. To relate this sentence with the website’s reviews section, when your website has a review section, your customers can share their experiences and how your website served them. Other visitors read the reviews, and if you gain more positive responses, your website’s potential to convert visitors into customers increases significantly.

Tour Booking Website

                            Image: Attractive Review Section

However, reviews are not always positive, but taking the negative comments and reviews constructively helps you know your weaknesses and work on improving them.

Note that the customer’s review section is considered the most honest section of the tour packages booking websites. So, if your customers talk about you a lot, and all those talks are about the satisfaction your services have provided them, you are already winning.

Nevertheless, if there are some negative reviews and you work to improve them and improve your website or service, again, you are on the path to success. Therefore, having a customer review section is very important for any website.

7) Multimedia and Photos Sharing Options

One of the best ways to attract bookings is by letting customers and clients see different photos and videos of the tour and packages they are interested in. Therefore, include several images and videos so visitors can visually experience the destinations before they reach there.

Tour Booking Website

                                       Image: Multimedia Inserting Section

Photos and videos are essential in visually enhancing the appearance and making it more user-friendly. 

Eye-catching photos and videos can grab anyone’s attention and compel them to use your tour packages booking websites to book any trip.

Furthermore, images and videos are also vital for a better user interface, as people tend to be engaged more in multimedia rather than simple plain texts.

Videos like travel vlogs, podcasts, etc., also act as information providers to tour enthusiasts, making them impatient to book the tour and visit the place as soon as possible.


All the features mentioned in this blog are what can take your website for booking tours to the next level. With the increasing competition in the tourism industry, providing services online stands as the best in the business by integrating all these features into your website to book tours. 

If you are struggling to create a website on your own, you can get the Emprise online tour booking WP theme, as this theme comes with all the features mentioned above pre-installed.

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