Published December 4, 2023

7 Advantages of Booking Theme for Tour Operators: WP Theme

If you want to standout from your tour operating competitors, you need to have a perfectly designed website. And if you want a perfect designed website, online tour booking themes are the best options. Check out these 7 advantages of a tour booking WP theme.
7 Advantages of Booking Theme for Tour Operators: WP Theme

With the instant needs and requirements and ease of website development, almost every business sector chooses WordPress as its website development partner. In such a competitive world, the advantages of booking theme for tour operators cannot be neglected.

Lately, many tour operators have leveraged their businesses with the help of tour WP themes. Designing a perfect tour booking website has been made so simple by the different themes in the tour booking WP theme market.

If you are not a pro website developer or WordPress user looking for an easy way to design a healthy and attractive tour booking website, dive right into getting a theme, and everything is just drag-and-drop.

As travel wizards are searching time and again for new travel destinations and packages, websites help you reach out to them and attract them with your website’s unique features.

You might have heard an old saying that goes: visibility sells! So, make your tour packages and services visible with a perfectly carved website using a tour booking WP theme.

What is a Tour Booking Theme?

Before using a tour booking theme to leverage your tour operating business, let us tell you what a tour booking WordPress theme is. 

When you start designing your website with WordPress, you have two options: either develop a complete website with Elementor or choose a specific theme and edit the content. Well, a clever businessman chooses the second option.

That website development technique, where you only need to change the content without being distracted by the whole development process, is leveraged by themes.

Themes are designed and developed according to niches, business nature, advancement, etc., and stored in the Theme market. You can choose any of those themes, import their demo content, and start designing your WP website.

What are some basic features of an Online Booking WP theme?

When you choose any product, even for your daily use, you first check what features the product has. In the same way, you also need to know the basic features of an online booking WP theme. When you understand the features, choosing an ideal theme for your website becomes easy. 

Different themes have different features, but here we have listed a few of the basic elements of a tour booking WP theme:

  • Dynamic Search and Filter
  •  Announcement Bar for essential notices
  •  SEO-Friendly
  •  Online Payment Integration
  •  Multilingual support feature
  •  Day-to-day itinerary breakdown feature
  •  Google Maps and location 
  •  Customer Reviews section
  •  Section for Images and Multimedia
  •  Separate Section for blogs 

If a tour booking website theme at least has all these features integrated into it, the theme can be ideal for your usage. These are just some basic features.

However, only some themes have even better features than these, but if you are still looking for any of these features in a WP booking theme, we recommend you refrain from using that travel booking theme.

7 Advantages of Using an Online Tour Booking Theme

tour booking theme

Any themes in the market are built with the core vision of providing benefits to tour operators and travel enthusiasts. 

Undoubtedly, online travel WordPress themes also have the same intentions, but what the advantages of these tour booking WP themes are might be a question for many people.

So here are seven advantages that any tour operator can experience by using an online tour booking theme:

1) Attractive and Efficient User Interface

User Interface of Emprise

Using any tour WP booking theme with all the above features can give an exceptional look-and-feel advantage to your website’s user Interface. 

Besides, there is no hesitation in saying that an attractive user interface increases the business profit to the greatest extent.

The process is simple: you satisfy the visitors, and they choose your tour operating business for booking travel packages, which helps your business needs. That said, a tour booking WP theme can undoubtedly raise the bar of a tour operating business.

2) Dynamic Search Bars and Filtration

Dynamic Search in Emprise theme

Specification is the key here! Let your visitors see what they are looking for in the first place. Imagine you are trying to book a honeymoon package to Bali, but that package needs to be added to the first page of the website. 

On top of that, the website also does not have a search and filtration option.

Would you stay on that website? Not at all! In the same place, imagine the website having a dynamic search bar and filtration that allows you to choose the trip you want. 

Isn’t that website worth booking your trip? You can have this benefit on your website with an online tour booking theme.

3) Automated Booking System

A travel booking theme provides any tour booking website with the advantage of integrating automated booking systems. Moreover, people can book any trips or tour packages from your website anytime, and the details will automatically be saved in your database.

This reduces the chances of data loss and gives your customers a complete statement of their booking status.

4) Easy Payment Options

Currently, the world is going cashless as people have preferred paying via cards and other online payment methods. Online WP booking themes are already integrated with different payment systems and can accept multiple currencies.

People can pay for their booking in their currency and through any method like PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard, etc. This helps your website get bookings worldwide and extend your services worldwide.

5) Less Workforce More Results

A tour booking theme acts like a one-person army for your business. It reduces the need for many human resources as the online tour booking theme does almost all of the regular tasks for you.

You can entirely rely on these themes for bookkeeping, payment reports, customer details, sending confirmation emails, and many similar tasks. This directly and indirectly reduces the hecticness of being tied up in the chair and working 24/7.

6) Reviews and experience attracting more bookings

Customer Review Section: Advantages of Booking Theme

It is well known that word of mouth is the best free marketing technique. One person who likes your services can compel many people to try your service at least once.

With a separate customer reviews section, online tour booking themes provide your customers with a space to share their experiences, which, when read or viewed by other visitors, can attract them to the same activity.

7) Data Security and Easy Storage

Online tour booking themes are specialized to keep the data safe and sound. Moreover, the storage is also made more straightforward so that the tour operators can look for any data anytime without diving into a whole pile of datasets.

When a customer books any tour package, the theme saves data automatically in the database with proper security add-ons, minimizing data breaches as much as possible.

Also, Remember!

All these features and advantages make online tour booking WP theme the best choice for tour operators to get online with their services. However, these booking themes gain even more power and eligibility if integrated with some specific plugins.

Plugins are those extra add-ons that enhance the usability and features of the themes and, ultimately, the website. 

To know more about some of the best plugins for tour booking themes, check the 5 Must-Have Plugins.

Moreover, no WP booking themes are static, meaning you can make any changes in the appearance, content, images, multimedia, and anything else that you want to these themes.

Furthermore, please remember that the main motive of online tour booking themes is to provide an easy way to develop a website.


We hope you understand the advantages of using a WordPress online tour booking theme for developing and designing your website. Moreover, with this article, we expect you to be clear about the basic features of the tour booking theme.

Furthermore, you can check out more of our blogs if you have any other queries regarding travel and tour booking websites and themes. The Emprise tour booking WP theme is the ideal formula for designing a perfect tour booking website.

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