Published December 4, 2023

How Detailed Itinerary Feature Help Tour Booking Website?

Not bluffing at all but Emprise tour booking theme is what every tour operators need to enhance their online tour booking business. Read this blog to understand WHY.
How Detailed Itinerary Feature Help Tour Booking Website?

Are you a travel/tour operator? If you are, you might know how crucial a detailed itinerary feature is for travel enthusiasts. Also, having a different sector for the detailed itinerary leverages any online tour booking website.

Itineraries are the detailed trip summary from the first to the last day. This includes all the primary and secondary information about the journey, such as distance, accommodation, estimated completion time, food inclusion, etc. Whenever a person plans to travel somewhere, the first thing they check for (by that, we mean even before the price) is the detailed itinerary. 

Studies say that detailed itineraries help tourists warm themselves up for the upcoming day of the journey and be prepared for every condition. It’s a rehearsal that the people do in word form before physically heading out on their trip.

As we have already discussed, some advantages of the online booking theme detailed itinerary feature can also be counted as one of those advantages as it affects the UX of the website and attracts people to book the tour packages.

Definition of the Perfect Itinerary

To let the readers understand the itinerary correctly, the first thing you need to do is manage the structure of the itinerary. For example, if your itinerary does not include accommodation, meals, or the estimated completion time, that itinerary is considered wrong.

To help you stay away from such mistakes, here is a perfect structure that you can follow:

1. Add a day-to-day overview of the trip.

Remember that the summary needs to be as descriptive and straightforward as possible. Please include things like when the day trip starts and ends; for trekking, include the elevations and altitude.

2. Provide the map of each day.

It will make the viewers understand the actual trip if they see the map location and progress of the day. Not many of the trip operating websites include this, so this can be the USP of your tour booking site.

3. Include meals and accommodations at every stop

Let the visitors know about their staying and eating arrangements throughout the trip. During trekking, sometimes the food and lodging might be different than expected. Suppose the trekkers see that they might be unsatisfied at the exact instance. So, let them know their food and stay in advance.

4. Also, please include proper guidance about inclusions

Ensure that the visitors know what they must carry daily and what they are forbidden to have in certain conditions. For example, in the case of high-altitude trekkers they must have energy bars with them to keep them energized during the trek.

What is the Detailed Itinerary Feature in Emprise?

Detailed Itinerary Feature in Emprise

The Emprise theme has a well-managed and perfectly aligned itinerary section you can insert on every tour package. As the theme is dedicated to tour and travel websites, itineraries have been kept at the focal point. The blocks for day-to-day itineraries are already in the theme; all you need to do is fill out the details.

Furthermore, Emprise also leverages its users with features like map integration and inclusions for every itinerary day. Inserting the day-to-day itinerary details has been made more accessible through all the possible aspects.

How Does the Detailed Itinerary feature help your tour package booking website?

Until now, we have already discussed how crucial a detailed itinerary is for any tour. Whether to educate the tour planners or gain more bookings, detailed itineraries certainly play the most significant role. 

However, many tours booking WP themes come without a detailed itinerary feature; even without an itinerary section, they lack a map. 

We have resolved all these issues in the Emprise theme, which includes a detailed itinerary section with map integration and inclusions.

You can use several methods to have a better and more understandable itinerary to help visitors know about the trip before booking and spending their money. Having a detailed itinerary is equivalent to taking care of any tour planners who visit your website looking for a perfect vacation plan.

Therefore, if your website does not have the features listed below, it may make your potential clients unhappy, leading them to choose another website to book their trip.

Here are a few significant advantages that the detailed itinerary feature in Emprise gives your online tour booking website:

Itinerary Overview Section

Overview Section in Itinerary

With the detailed itinerary feature, Emprise provides a space to add the itinerary description per the tour package and day-to-day information about the journey. 

As you can see in the image, every itinerary day has a section for overview (red circle). Here, you can enter your text or content per the itinerary requirements.

You can forget the hassle of creating a description box alone, as the Emprise theme already designs and provides that.

Map Integration

Map integration

Along with the overview section, Emprise also has the option to insert each day’s map. This makes it even easier for the viewers to understand their chosen trip. 

In the image, we see that each day has a map icon where you can integrate the route of that specific day. Furthermore, when you click on that small map icon, it expands into a complete map form. Refer to the image below:

real time map in detailed itinerary feature

This is one of the most unique features that can be found in any tour booking WP theme. Undoubtedly, this feature in the itinerary section is essential for letting viewers understand the path of the everyday journey.


Inclusion and Exclusion

Would it not be amazing if your website informed visitors about the essential things they need daily? Not just the basic stuff but some specific items that are only important or unnecessary on one particular day of the trip. 

This section is available every day of the itinerary, and it comes with green tick marks and red cross marks, which indicate the inclusions and exclusions. Emprise makes it as easy as possible for the tour operators as they need to update the content; the theme does everything else.

With Emprise, your website can suggest the clients’ or travelers’ needs and necessities daily, from the start to the end of the tour package.

Are these features necessary?

All the above features are essential and advantageous for any tour booking WP theme. With these basic features, the best tour package booking website seems complete, leaving a massive gap in the success of your tour booking site.

Just put yourself in the shoes of tour enthusiasts and think about a website with these features and one without these features; which would you go for? Most of us would choose the one with the abovementioned features. So, before selecting any tour booking WP theme for your tour operating website, ensure it includes all these features. 

Features like map integration, detailed itinerary sections, and everyday inclusions are at the heart of any tour package booking website. They give visitors more time on your website to look for as many packages as possible. When your website does that, you will undoubtedly experience a significant increase in your booking business.

Among several other basic tour booking features, these unique features make Emprise a perfect companion for building any tour website. If you are a tour operator, you must ensure that the visitors look for as many tour packages as possible and stay engaged on your site, which gradually leads them to book at least one of the trips.

Some Advantages of Emprise Theme

The detailed itinerary section is one of many advantages the Emprise theme provides its users. There are many more advantages of this theme if you use it properly. 

The Emprise theme has sections like overview, reviews, and FAQs under every tour package. In these sections, you can add any information you want your visitors to know about the trip, making it easier for them to choose their packages wisely. 

Moreover, you can also add multiple images and videos of every tour package to let the users know what they are missing out. Furthermore, this theme has all the features a perfect WordPress online tour booking website should have.


Did you read the entire blog? If you read the blog carefully, you can understand the advantage of Emprise over any other tour booking WP theme that you can find in the market. 

A wise choice in the tour booking theme can help you increase the sales rate by a maximum amount, and to do so in the travel and tourism industry, a detailed itinerary plays the most crucial role. 

Select the Emprise WP tour booking theme to ensure your website has the most dynamic and informative itinerary section.

Get your hands on the Premium Emprise WP tour booking theme to enhance the standard of your tour operating business.

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