Published December 8, 2023

How can a tour booking WordPress theme attract tourists to your website?

The dream of every tour operators is to attract as many tourists to their site as possible. It 's certainly a difficult task but not if you have an ideal tour booking WordPress website.
How can a tour booking WordPress theme attract tourists to your website?

You know that there are a lot of Tour booking websites throughout the world currently. Also, it’s a truth that every website wants to attract as many tourists as possible. Travel websites can attract tourists with WP themes if chosen wisely.

Attracting tourists is undoubtedly one of the primary goals of any tour/travel booking theme because tourists are the ones who help the tour booking business be profitable.

Traveling certainly means spending a lot of hard-earned money, and the only way that people will spend their hard-earned cash is with proper research and trust. That makes travel and Tour booking one of the most picky tasks. If you are a tour operator, you must showcase the best of your tour packages and deals to increase your website’s traffic.

What Attracts Tourists to a Travel Booking Website

Several factors can affect your website’s traffic. From how it looks to how it describes its services and how easy it is to use, everything matters a lot for your tour booking website to attract tourists. 

No travelers want to waste their time on a website with bad user experience and laggy or incomplete features. If you want tourists to choose your website for booking tours, keep your eyes open for even the smallest details and minor features.

Here are a few factors to help your website attract more tourists with WP themes.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensure you are seen immediately as the travelers look for an ideal website to book their trip. With the extensive use of search engines like Google, ranking on search engines has become necessary for any business. So use the SEO best practices and rank your Tour booking website higher in Search Engines. 

Do you need clarification about the SEO best practices for your travel booking website? Check out some tips to optimize SEO for your travel booking website.

Ideal Travel WordPress themes

When developing any WordPress tour booking website, choose the best WordPress theme for tour operators. WordPress themes help a lot in optimizing a website perfectly and also make the website picture-perfect.

The best Tour booking WordPress themes come with pre-built pages and designs dedicated to the best Tour booking websites, so travelers can enjoy surfing your site and ultimately be convinced to book their tour plan or package from your travel booking website.

With the increasing use of WordPress for website development, many travel booking WP themes are in the market, so be genuine about choosing the best one for your site.

Page load Speed

Faster is the winner! The speed at which your website and all its pages load powerfully attracts tourists; nobody wants to get stuck on a buffering screen. No matter how many photos or videos you add to your travel booking website, ensure they are all well-optimized but not quality-wise. 

Eye-catching landing page

When someone notices your website in the search engine and clicks on the link, they see your website’s landing page. So, ensure your travel booking website has a landing page that attracts and keeps the audience engaged. If you need help to build an attractive landing page for your website, the Emprise travel booking theme is at your service.

Clear and Simple Content

While ensuring your website’s content matches the SEO requirements, remember to make it for the people. Use simple texts and insert clear images, videos, and designs. When people understand the gist of your business through your website, they become more curious about surfing. The more they surf, the higher they click.

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Ideal Tour Booking Theme to attract tourists

Attract tourists with WP theme

Do you know that WordPress has themes dedicated to every type of business? Therefore, you can also get the ideal theme for travel booking. However, you must check whether the theme is perfect for your website. Travel Booking Themes make Tour booking sites more accessible and more convenient. 

Choosing the best Tour booking WordPress theme from the ocean of themes takes work. However, it’s a win for you if you note a few things and are attentive to them while choosing a theme for your tour-operating business.

Here is how you can know whether a specific travel booking theme is perfect for your business or not:

It has all the essential plugins 

Plugins are crucial in giving the website an extravagant appearance and user-friendly features. Taking that on note, several WordPress booking themes come with integrated plugins for Tour booking best practices. Building a website is anyone’s cup of tea once you get your hands on the Tour booking WP theme. 

Separate yet optimized pages 

The journey of attracting visitors continues after the landing page. People often abandon the website because other pages are less attractive and optimized than the landing page. Keeping that in point of view, tour WordPress themes come with optimized and attractively designed pages.

Footer Menu for SEO

Footer menus play significant roles in optimizing SEO and are directly responsible for attracting tourists. Therefore, the Tour booking WP theme comes with a perfectly designed footer menu to help in Search Engine Optimization. 

Easy booking and payment process 

Convincing travelers to buy products or book tour packages from your website also requires an easy booking and payment process. Give your potential customers a simple and friendly way to complete their booking process. To help tour operators with that, Tour WordPress themes have built-in booking and payment features.

Things to Remember

Emprise Demo

Indeed, the best Tour booking WordPress theme can give your website the best appearance and features, ultimately increasing your business’s profit. Also, you can attract many tourists with WP themes. However, selecting an ideal booking WP theme for your tour operating business is also hectic. 

Sometimes, the best themes are highly-priced, and the cheaper ones need more than your website’s essential features. In such cases, the Emprise tour booking WordPress theme is what you can completely trust. With every feature required for a tour operator business to the most affordable pricing plans, Emprise has got you covered.

This is one of the best choices for a tour booking theme with the potential to enhance the features and appearance of any tour operating website and help them gain more customers.

Besides, here are a few things to remember before choosing a WP booking theme for your tour operator business.

  •  Payment Integration: Traveling does not happen in just one currency. You need to target travelers from multiple countries, so ensure that your Tour booking WordPress theme has adequate payment integration options.
    • Understand your requirements: Be sure about what type of theme you are looking for and which theme can perfectly showcase your Tour operating business’s services.
    •  Affordability: It might take some time, but choose the most affordable yet featureful Tour booking WordPress theme if you are a starter. The more you save on the theme, the more you can spend on other factors like marketing, developing, branding, etc.
    •  Responsive Design: This might not be an essential thing to say, as almost every tour booking theme comes with responsive design. However, be very detailed while checking the responsiveness of the theme.
    •  Payment Integration: Traveling does not happen in just one currency. You need to target travelers from multiple countries, so ensure that your Tour booking WordPress theme has adequate payment integration options.


    A perfect theme can change the whole game when attracting more travelers for booking. Furthermore, the ease that tour operators experience with a perfectly designed theme is undeniable. 

    With the increase in tourism, attracting travelers is gradually becoming more and more difficult. However, one right choice with a tour booking WP theme is what you need to stand out on the market and increase the ROI rate of your tour operating business.

    As you have thoroughly read this blog, we are sure you understand how you can attract tourists with WP themes.

    Keep checking Emprise for more offers on Tour booking WordPress themes and more blogs.

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