Published December 6, 2023

What is the Importance of Blog Pages for Tour Booking Website 

Are you aware about the power of blogs? They can literally take your business growth to the level you might have never imagined. That is what makes blog pages so important to be included in any tour booking WP theme.
What is the Importance of Blog Pages for Tour Booking Website 

Welcome back to another blog from us. This time, we are here to tell you the importance of blog pages for tour booking websites. Before we start, does your travel WordPress theme have blog pages?

Blogs are the most essential part of any website, regardless of its nature. They help increase Search Engine Optimization of any website through several ways like backlinking, inbound linking, and keyword optimization. Furthermore, blogs also help visitors know about the services and products that the website provides. 

Most perfectly developed tour and travel booking themes come with separate pages for posting blogs and pre-built templates of how the blogs appear on the website. Moreover, a blog section is also needed to make important announcements. Therefore, whenever you choose any tour WP theme, make sure that the theme has a separate blog section. 

Blogs give tour operators the creative freedom to express their knowledge information, making it easier for visitors to understand several topics. As per recent research, 77% of people on the internet love to read blogs because they think blogs are very informative.

Keeping that in point of view, most tour and travel booking WP themes come with a separate blog page to make it easy for tour operators and travel enthusiasts.

Significance of Blogs in Tour Booking Websites

Being a tour operator, you should give your potential customers even the tiniest information about the tour and packages. So, what is the most efficient way to do that? The answer is a blog. 

With blogs related to your business, services, and tour packages, you can ensure that your customers has understood a lot about your tour booking business and the tour packages you have included before they book a trip for themselves.

Furthermore, the importance of blog pages for the best tour booking WordPress themes is highlighted here:

Sharing detailed information

Importance of Blog Pages with descriptive information

Blogs provide visitors with detailed information regarding everything in any business. Through blogs, people can read thoroughly about any specific topic and gain thorough knowledge.

Even the most negligible or minor information can be shared in the most creative and understandable format so that the targeted audiences understand the message that you want to convey.

Placing Advertisements or Boosting

Advertising with Blog

Blogs are also excellent means of advertising anything on your website. With the sidebars feature on the blog pages, you can add advertisements or boost your offers in an eye-catching way.

Besides, you can also advertise things from the blogs itself. For example, suppose you are writing a blog about the Everest expedition. 

In that case, you can include a sub-topic about “equipment essential for the summit expedition,” there, you can upsell another business selling such equipment.

Legal Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is considered illegal in Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, there is also a rule that you can only insert two keywords on one page of your website.

To overcome this difficulty, you can add as many blogs as possible and utilize them to play with the keywords. Whether short-tail or long-tail keywords, you can optimize for any of these through properly written blogs.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Currently, there are a lot of tour booking businesses in the market, and everyone is competing to gain more customers. Blogs, if written perfectly, assist your website in standing out in the competition.

You can increase your brand awareness through beautifully written blogs and articles about travel and tourism. Let your audience know more about what services you provide and why your brand (website) is the one they should choose. This links up with another benefit of blogs.

Customer Loyalty

With regular blog posts, you can help your audiences become familiar with new updates in your business. For example, if the website visitors are looking for the perfect months of the year to plan their trip and your website has a blog that describes the ideal weather, month, and time to plan their vacation.

Isn’t that beneficial? Furthermore, this is also beneficial for better ranking because here, the search query could be “best month of the year for Everest Base Camp trek,” your blog’s title could be “When is the best time to go for the Everest Base Camp trek?” This is how you can solve the audience’s problem and gain loyalty points for your website.

What are the Importance of Blog Pages in Travel WordPress Themes?

Did you understand the importance of blogs for tour booking websites? Blogs are undoubtedly one of the crucial parts of any website, helping it rank better in the search engine result pages and impressing the audience. 

However, more than just writing the blogs and posting rapidly, your website needs a proper and separate space where all the blogs are listed beautifully. 

Eye-catching blog pages can attract more customers and convert their mindset from scanning the blog pages and abandoning them to reading the complete blog. Here are why a WordPress theme should have blog pages:

Audience Engagement Increment

A perfectly aligned blog page helps tour operators display their blogs best. This ultimately results in more audience clicking on your blog. Furthermore, people have become “aesthetic,” so you must ensure that your blogs are displayed aesthetically or perfectly.

The better your website’s appearance, the higher its chances to attract more audiences. All the pages must be well-presented to elevate your website’s appearance; a perfectly aligned and designed blog page adds a lot to that.

No hassle for creating different blog domains

Previously, many website owners used to have separate domains for their blog posts. However, if the tour booking WordPress theme already has a separate section for all the blogs, you will not have the hassle of buying a different domain just for blog posting.


You might be questioning how a WordPress theme can have a blog page save you time. Well, let us clear that out for you! Imagine designing a blog page independently from scratch; wouldn’t that be time-consuming?

In the same place, imagine getting your hands on the WordPress theme with an in-built blog page template. That’s so easy for tour operators like you because all you need to do is write and publish the blog to your website.

Advertise the fullest

Blog pages are so helpful when advertising anything. With perfectly designed blog pages, you can market and announce whatever is relevant to your business.

If you check the Emprise theme, it comes with blog pages with sidebars. These sidebars can be kept on either the right side of the page or the left side. Tour operators can utilize these sidebars to showcase other blogs or advertise.

What's in the Emprise Theme for Blog Pages?

Emprise Theme is a perfect companion for any tour booking WP website because its features are immense and impressive. From perfectly developed landing and product pages to dynamic and featureful blog pages, the Emprise travel tour booking WordPress theme has everything. 

However, let’s talk only about the blog page integrated into this theme.

The Emprise blog page template is undoubtedly the attention point of many tour operators as this theme has a beautifully designed blog page. The page particularly comes with four options: 

  1. Blog Single
  2.  Full-width blog
  3.  Left Sidebar and
  4.  Right Sidebar

These are just pre-designed templates that you can edit on your own because the Emprise theme provides website developers with creative freedom at its fullest.

With all these benefits, you can undoubtedly levitate your tour booking business and reach the peak of success. So do not delay; hop into checking the demo of the Emprise theme right away.

If you know the importance of blog pages for your tour agency’s online growth, the Emprise tour booking theme is the perfect choice.


Blogs are:

  • The best means of building audience loyalty.
  •  Marketing your brand/products/services.
  •  Sharing information with your audiences.

To run a tour booking business effectively and efficiently, blogs can help you in the most excellent way possible. We highly encourage Using tour booking themes for designing tour operating business. However, while doing so, be sure that the tour booking theme you choose comes with blog pages.

As you have thoroughly read this blog, we expect you to understand the importance of blog pages for the growth of any website and its business. Furthermore, you also understood how a tour booking theme with integrated blog pages helps you post blogs most effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, ensure that the first question you ask yourself before choosing any WordPress tour booking theme is: – Does the travel tour booking WordPress theme have blog pages?

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